Who would I be if I didn't do that?

stars coming out of a jar

This week a very interesting thing came up during a client session. Since then it has had me wondering for how many of you this might also apply to, and how many of you might not even be aware of it yet.

A woman in her mid-40’s came to see me several weeks ago for a certain issue. We had a chat on the phone before we agreed to work together, she asked some questions, and then booked in a date.

She had already began to notice some differences after the first session, where she was experiencing things differently to the week before. She wasn’t quite sure what had changed, but she knew something had.

As I guided her through the Hudson Mind Process©, I introduced her to her screen, helped her experience how her mind works, and she soon began to realise that the thing that she had thought couldn’t possibly change, actually possibly could. And that it wouldn’t take years or be painstakingly difficult either.

She began to access Emotional Memory Images from events that happened many years ago. As she discovered more of herself, she gained more understanding, new insights, remembering things she had forgotten long ago.

There may have been the odd bit of salt water, but there was certainly a fair few chuckles along the way too.

This week she came back for session 5.

More changes, more differences, more of her just being her.

She was feeling calmer, her mind was quieter, and she was thinking where previously she would have panicked. That’s not to say life suddenly became a dream and everything was easy. It’s to say that she was now feeling like she was capable of managing whatever came up. She was starting to realise that she could control her state, and when she did that, things just kind of worked out okay.

We continued working on that certain issue, and during the course of the session an Emotional Memory Image gradually revealed itself. It was wonderful to watch. I couldn’t possibly know what new information was coming in, but I could see her responding to it, and it looked good!

As I helped her to work through this new piece of information, the brakes suddenly came on.

Those Emotional Memory Images that she had been working with effortlessly over the last few weeks and becoming more and more confident with, suddenly became difficult.

She started ‘trying’.

Then there was a slightly deeper breathe than normal and a pause, and then she looked at me again.

Curious to find out what she was noticing, I asked her what had just happened. I asked her what thought just went through her mind a moment ago.

She replied “Maybe I want to keep this one”. immediately followed by a rather puzzled face.

“If this changes, that problem won’t be there anymore. And if I don’t have this problem, if I can’t play the victim, if I can’t moan about having this issue, if people no longer know me for having this problem, I don’t know who I will be.”

Then she became a little teary. I asked her what she was noticing now.

She said “logically it doesn’t make any sense. I have wanted this issue resolved for so long, and now it feels like I might be nearly there, I don’t know who I’ll be if it’s not there anymore”.

I just simply asked “Who would you like to be?”

With a flick up of her eyes, and with a smile to creeping across her face, the tears stopped.

She DID know who she would become, she just didn’t know she knew yet, until then.

We spent some time adding more information to this new version of herself in her mind. What would she look like? How would she sound? What would it feel like to be this version of herself?

I then asked her to view that Emotional Memory Image again but through these eyes, through the eyes of the person she wanted to be.

She again smiled and noted how it simply melted away.


Although from a logical perspective. You may be thinking “of course I want this to change, of course I don’t want to feel this way”.

Yet there can be a degree of comfort in feeling uncomfortable. There is a familiarity about that problem. Better the devil you know as they say.

So as you sit there tonight, I’ll invite you to wonder who you would become if you didn’t do ‘that thing’ anymore? Who would you like to become?

If you would like some help along the way, send me a message or email me at info@dannygreevescoaching.com to arrange a time where we can have a chat.