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What happens when you minimise yourself relative to others

social mapping constructs

Recent research evidences that there are Grid and Place cells (neurons in the hippocampus) that map out your social position in a given context. This means that when you interact with another person, your brain will spacially position yourself relative to them based on your perceptions.

If you perceive them to be:

• better looking

• more successful

• wealthier

• more intelligent

Or any of the other comparisons we do on a daily basis, your brain will position them above you and you will subordinate to them. You literally put them above you in your brain. It makes them predator. You prey (from your brains perspective!).

This chemistry of subordination stimulates the stress response:

• Fight

• Flight

• Freeze

• Fawn

• Feast

• Famine

Which reduces confidence, your ability to express yourself, your ability to be assertive, and many other vital attributes in today’s world. The key to this whole piece is ‘your perception’.

When you can balance these perceptions you change the location of them in your brain to one of equilibrium. You can communicate and express yourself openly and honestly; you are speaking with them heart to heart rather than looking up on a pedestal.

All it requires is for you to do is be authentic. 😁


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