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Weight loss coaching is a healthy, sustainable and long term approach to improving your wellbeing, physical appearance and fitness. 

Obtaining and keeping your ideal weight requires two things:

1. An awareness of why you eat what you eat, and an awareness of what triggers you to eat.

2. Dissolving the emotional charges around food triggers and what causes you to eat.

If you feel you self-sabotage with your weight, you have hidden unconscious desires to keep your body at it’s current weight and shape. The reason it’s been so hard to change is because up until now, it has been unconscious.

You can continue to battle with food for the rest of your life, with your weight going up and down, taking your self-confidence along with the ride, or you can take steps to gain control over your weight forever and maintain your ideal body shape.

Although there are weight loss pills and an abundance of diets out there, none of these are long term solutions. Based in Norwich, I work with people in over 13 countries to help them change their mindset and outlook towards food to promote a long term, sustainable approach.

You may have found diets in the past that helped you lose weight fast, or a weight loss therapy that helped you drop a couple of dress sizes for a wedding or big event. But over the course of a few months or maybe even a year, the weight comes back on.

Norwich weight loss coaching or online weight loss coaching is about making changes at a deeper level. We all have emotional connections to food, whether that is through stress, sadness or even boredom. On the other hand, some people have a connection to food that is only about a source a fuel, a way to power the body, a motivating force. Weight loss therapy aims to help you change your subconscious beliefs about food.

Weight issues can also be a side effect of other conditions affecting your mental health. Some people struggle with weight loss due to binge eating disorder, stress, depressiongeneralised anxiety disorder or social anxiety. In these cases calorie counting is unlikely to help, and a holistic approach often has better results.

How Can I Help?

My weight loss programs in Norwich or via my online platform provide a gentle, effective approach to getting rid of fat forever. There is no need to starve yourself, or get caught up in the dizzying world of calorie counting. A combination of coaching sessions to change the way you relate to food and some easy to implement practical guidelines means you can steadily and predictable lose weight over a set period.

Most clients will notice a difference in how they think about food in just 2-3 sessions. The practical steps mean you could be effortlessly losing weight in just a few short weeks.

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Stress, worry or depression can often be triggers leading to comfort eating or just generally putting on a few extra pounds. Download my free hypnotherapy recording now to help reduce stress, worry or other negative emotions. 

Benefits of my weight loss program and weight loss coaching.

  • Stop FAD or yo-yo dieting: Making changes at a below conscious level to how you associate to food means you can keep a healthy, natural weight moving forwards. No more extreme diets or punishing schedules.
  • Long term tools and repeatable strategies: Home hypnosis track included. There will inevitably be times in life where our weight fluctuates. Christmas immediately comes to mind! Having gone through the programs you will have a home hypnotherapy recording to get you back on track in the months and years after we work together.
  • No punishing calorie counting: Many diets require you to have a maths degree and a need for self-punishment just to keep to the diet. My weight loss programs do no require calorie counting or gruelling schedules.
  • Become inspired: Many people limit themselves about what is possible because they are completely unaware of their own subconscious beliefs. Noticing and updating these is a great way to empower yourself.
  • Greater awareness: Some people unconsciously keep overweight because it is a strategy they learnt in earlier life. Calorie counting and punishing diets will not change these. My program can help you overcome past emotional hurts.

Online coaching for weight loss in Norwich.

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion pound industry. There are many companies out there that rely on you improving your weight through gruelling schedules, knowing that they can’t be maintained. After a period of time you inevitably struggle to keep up with the unbearable program and then punish yourself for failing to keep up.

Coaching is an educational process that helps to inspire, enthuse and empower you. Through learning how your mind works, overcoming limiting beliefs, and implementing small, manageable steps, you can achieve the body you want. Whether you are booking for health reasons or for purely aesthetic reasons, my weight loss programs can help.

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