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Anxiety – Wearing the mask

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Having recently launched a new mental fitness programme for anxiety and stress, I am speaking with lots of new people and finding out about what people are struggling with.

One of the most common patterns I’m noticing at the moment is that so many people are having to put on a mask or a persona to cover up their feelings.

Through my own sessions with my coaches I too am finding out that there are certain areas and certain contexts where I unconsciously wear a mask to get by or to avoid something I perceive I do not want to deal with, and it has got me fascinated.

In conversation with clients this has been manifested by sayings such as…

“You wouldn’t know it from talking to me now but…”

“People at work don’t have a clue but…”

“None of my friends in the pub would even take a guess that I am struggling with…”

“I put on a brave face for the kids but…”

“I haven’t told my partner yet that I’m…”

What is the thread that is passing through all of these comments and personas?


It’s the shame of admitting that you are struggling, as you perceive struggling and mistakes to be bad.

It’ the guilt of not putting yourself first or thinking you have to do things or you will be judged.

These patterns are all around us and if you take a look closely at your life, is there anywhere where you can spot them? For most people, they will be lurking somewhere.

This is why I’m so inspired to be running the new mental fitness programme in Norwich and online.

The idea is that I help you to learn more about how your mind works, how you can change the chemicals your brain creates, and how you can leave guilt and shame behind through working with a number of different approaches.

How about we each spend a little more time clearing out guilt and shame, so that you can move forwards in life free of judgement, criticism or worry.

What would be possible then?

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