The CONFIDENCE protocol

"The most comprehensive mindset and confidence building programme on the market!"

My signature programme - The CONFIDENCE protocol

I am inspired to provide leading edge coaching services from years of practice and refining over £50,000 of personal development into one confidence building course.

This 16 hour online coaching programme is flexibly delivered to suit your needs and provides the most comprehensive approach to building confidence.

The C.O.N.F.I.D.E.N.C.E programme is guaranteed to significantly improve your confidence levels but also provide the tools and strategies that you can continue to use after the completion of our time together.

The outline of the overall programme is:

C – clearance and coherence. This section comprises several sessions where we work together to neutralise emotional charges from the past which negatively impact confidence and help you develop genuine, lasting confidence. We instil simple practices to develop emotional coherence which promotes balance and heart-to-heart communication.

O – open mind and open heart. A comprehensive look at how your mind works, to help you understand why emotions and challenges arise and how you can develop the tools to regulate emotions and feel in control.

N – neural pathways. Break thinking habits and limiting perceptions which hinder your ability to fully express yourself. Practices to increase and improve gratitude and appreciation of life.

F – fundamentals. Flexible thinking, eating, moving and sleeping are the bedrock of confidence. This section includes simple bio-hacks on how to maximise these areas.

I – identity. Who are you being? When you are aligned and acting with your highest values, you can fully express yourself and be confident in who you are and what you can offer. Here we identify limiting beliefs and upgrade them.

D – dream and design. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. A small period of time dedicated to getting clear on what you would like and developing a plan to get it pays dividends in the long run. An optional work through at your own pace module.

E – expand and evolve. The most effective approach to methodically building confidence. Own the traits and characteristics of those you admire and upgrade your perception of self.

N – notions. Universal laws and patterns provide a philosophical outlook on how you can manage and regulate emotions and how you can work harmoniously with them rather than battle against them. 

C – curiosity and choice. Developing a growth mindset and embracing challenges requires a curious mind and the ability to choose rather than automatically respond. Here you learn some simple ways to cultivate curiosity and approach challenges in a more level-headed manner.

E – experience and efficiency. The final sessions of the programme are working through the lessons and integrating the tools into one simple system, and practising together so you are independent using them going forwards.

Investment for the 16 hour online coaching programme: £1500.

Also available in x4 monthly instalments of £400.

Alternative coaching programmes

Mindset and confidence booster programme

This programme consists of 9 coaching sessions. It will focus predominantly on the clearance and coherence components of the signature programme. In addition to this some elements of any of the other core sections will be used based on what would provide you the biggest benefit in our time together.

Investment for the 9 hour online coaching programme: £795

Also available in x2 instalments of £400.

Confidence and self-esteem upgrade programme

This programme consists of 6 coaching sessions. It focuses on the clearance and coherence components of the signature programme to remove past blockages that negatively impact confidence and focuses on improving communication. We work through one primary tool to continue to develop greater confidence after the completion of the programme.

Investment for the 6 hour online coaching programme: £595.

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