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The biofield: the secret to overcoming anxiety

human biofield

What is the human biofield? It is essentially the scientific name for the energy that surrounds the body. You may have been to the doctors where they measure the electrical information given off by machines measuring your heart rhythm or your brain activity. These are bits of equipment that are used in everyday medicine to measure these electromagnetic fields that are in both in and around our bodies.

Hammerschlag et al (2015)  stated that ‘Biofield physiology represents a confluence of disciplines, integrating concepts and information from cell biology, biophysics and medical physiology. Biofields are a spatially distributed set of forces and physical properties that have the capacity to encode information and exert instructive influences on cells and tissues capable of perceiving and being modified by them. As such biofields complement molecular processes.

What this means is that the information contained within your biofield has an impact on the way your cells function, and so have a role in your overall health and wellbeing.  Hudson proposes that it is information from past events that is contained within the biofield at a below conscious level, in the form of emotional memory images, and these impact on the brain and the autonomic nervous system, which therefore has a key role in conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression and many other chronic health conditions. Learning about the human biofield is a way of learning more about you, and clearing emotional memory images from your own biofield enables you to be the genuine, authentic you that you want to be, free of all that baggage, pain and judgement.

I myself am loving my journey and am continually striving to move to greater and greater spheres of life. I have a really high value on simply being myself and having fun, and building amazing relationships with amazing people. I would be very grateful to help you on your journey, and show you how you can actually make deep and profound changes in your life in a way that is safe, gentle, light, and even fun. Please pop any questions you have below or send me an email if you would like more information.

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