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I had been struggling with anxiety for a while.  But things were slowing getting worse no matter how hard I tried to be healthy and positive.  I just started feeling like I couldn’t cope, that I was trapped and that the days were becoming like groundhog day….  I was trying to feel better,  trying to make my relationship work, trying not to get stressed….   It turns out trying doesn’t help!  The turning point for me was an online hypnosis session with Danny,  it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders.  From there I went onto have 8 sessions with Danny and what a journey it has been.  I have learned so much and have done so much,  trying is a thing of the past!  The sessions are interesting and progress through a number of lessons on understanding HMP as well as working on clearing my screen’s.  The sessions are always surprising and for me have been full of much laughter and saltwater!  I always leave feeling lighter, happier and having learned something useful. HMP has kept on giving long after the sessions are over.  Danny is a great coach and practitioner.  He’s warm and friendly and has always put me at ease.  He has had a seemingly magical way of helping me to get the bottom the things that are causing disruption and difficulty in my mind.   
I would not hesitate to recommend Danny.

Would 100% recommend Danny. He has made such a positive difference to my life. His friendly and approachable manner made me feel comfortable, quickly getting to the root of my problem. Thanks so much Danny!


Danny is a great coach. He picks up on everything and listens so well! If you are struggling and need some help, Danny should be your first port of call. He has helped me loads!


I experienced years of of anxiety and depressive “flare ups,” due to low self esteem, low self worth and self doubt. These flare ups resulted in me spending the whole weekend in bed because I was in pain from head to toe, despite taking strong prescription tablets. Through CBT I was able to recognise my triggers and implemented coping strategies, which helped me enormously. Yet, I felt that no matter what I did, I could not break free from my patterns of behaviour, which left me confused and frustrated.

I explained to my Osteopath that my aches and pains were worse when I experienced emotional dis-ease in my life. He mentioned a connection between the mind and body and recommended a book; The Saboteur Within.

It was a light bulb moment for me and I knew that I wanted to understand and change this part of me….cue Danny.

After my first Skype session, I felt a positive change…honestly, it was instant! Within the hour my physical pain had disappeared and I no longer felt anxious or low. I remember smiling from ear to ear and noticed a change in my posture. In work the next day people noticed a change and paid compliments. My family and friends noticed too. It is important to note that this positive change in my behaviour has remained.

Unlike, therapy you do not need to discuss the emotional traumas of the past. Try as I might, I am no longer able to make myself feel awful when I think about previously distressing events, or an outdated belief as to who I am. It is extremely freeing!

In my sessions with Danny we have tackled negative thought patterns that were effecting all areas of my life. Furthermore, I set new life goals and I am delighted to say that I am taking positive steps in reaching them. To no longer feel plagued by negative believes, or have the capability to be able to torture myself regarding the past, is truly wonderful. My life has changed for the better.

If my story resonates with you, then I urge you book a session with Danny and see for yourself what improvements you will experience.


Danny ran an excellent communications training session for my team at the Bank where I work. The session was incredibly insightful and informative and will enable me to better evaluate how I interact with not only work colleagues but also friends and family too. Highly recommend Danny, the best trainer I have worked with in my 20+ years in the City.


Danny ran an excellent communications training session for my team at the Bank where I work. The session was incredibly insightful and informative and will enable me to better evaluate how I interact with not only work colleagues but also friends and family too. Highly recommend Danny, the best trainer I have worked with in my 20+ years in the City.


Thank you so much for the team training last Friday. It was a wonderfully energising session and helped us to think about some challenging issues about how we work together as a team and with others.  You have provided us with a frame of reference for future conversations which we can keep returning to. For me personally, the concepts resonated beyond work and I have had a couple of interesting conversations with my 15 year old daughter already.


Danny was excellent! He was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. I am very pleased with the progress we made and really recommend to anyone to see Danny. Thanks again, really appreciated the help.


Danny helps you trust in yourself and break through barriers you didn’t know were even there. Danny has helped me and some of my family, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!


Danny came to our private Physiotherapy practice earlier this month to teach us all about the mind and the effect emotions can have on persistent pain. The session was absolutely fantastic! Danny has a wealth of knowledge and presents it in a professional but fun and friendly manner. Danny is a great teacher and I can imagine him being brilliant 1:1 with clients. I would highly recommend Danny for individual treatments and for training/ teaching health professionals about Body Mind Works.
Thank you Danny 😊.


Danny has helped me in so many ways it’s truly amazing I’d even go as far as to say life-changing! He is such a lovely guy and puts you totally at ease. Being able to do sessions over Skype makes a world of difference and means that he can help you wherever in the world you may be! Thank you for everything


Straight away people noticed the difference in me. People have said that I am glowing and smiling. We have been building up my confidence and I have just got the promotion I was going for. I’m so delighted.


Danny sure as hell works the magic – at times, I have wondered if it is magic or witchcraft. I commend him to you


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