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Taking the next step

nest step

Decided it’s time for you to make a step up in your career? But still haven’t made it yet? 

Have you noticed yourself browsing for jobs on LinkedIn but getting hampered by self-doubt and worry about not being good enough? 

Do you worry that other people have more experience, knowledge, or skills? We often adopt the all encompassing ‘not good enough’ fear, but most of the time if we take a moment to look a little deeper, there is gold in there for us. 

Firstly when you view a job you think its just out of your reach, rather than allowing yourself to drop into the ‘I’m not good enough’ mode, see if you can get curious. 

Get curious about what specific aspect(s) you have an emotional charge around. Get specific on what areas you feel not good enough. It is only through specificity can we chunk down this gargantuan problem of feeling not enough into small, practical, actionable areas to work on. 

It is vital that you separate ‘you’ as a human being from the behaviours or traits you have. We all have specific areas to work on, that might not yet quite be ‘good enough’ yet, but this is not a reflection of your self-worth as a human, that’s untouchable.. 

Then you can make you plan and take action towards achieving your goal. 

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