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Speak up and Stand Out with Confidence.

Increase confidence, communication and influence in 12-weeks


What do the graduates say?

Private 1-2-1 coaching through the Speak Up Stand Out Accelerator.

The Speak Up Stand Out Accelerator is specifically designed to help increase confidence, self-belief, and speaking skills. The purpose is to help you become a Confident Communicator so you can think, feel and act with confidence.

One of the key principles that make SUSO such a success is 1-2-1 coaching sessions combined with an intimate and safe space to practice. Where you can record videos, talks, and insights, with personal feedback from me. 

As a result of the nature of the course, I can only see a limited number of clients per week. Simply click the link below to express your interest, learn more information, and arrange an informal chat. We can talk through your goals, give you all the information you need, and check you would be a good fit for the programme.

I encourage you to explore the testimonials and course outline. I look forward to speaking with you.

How does the programme help?

Get confident on camera

Speaking on camera can be daunting. The fear of making mistakes, judgement, looking silly or feeling awkward in the spotlight. The Speak Up Stand Out Accelerator helps you overcome these barriers so you can enjoy expressing yourself in any setting.

Best Speaking Practices

Trying to push through the dread and resistance to speaking is draining, lengthy, ineffective, and costly in the long run. Best practices in personal development, pitching, and influence transform you into a powerful public speaker.

Become a Confident Communicator

It’s not what you know, it’s how you communicate what you know that counts. Communication affects every area of your life from family, relationships, work and more. Learning communication styles in a fun and engaging atmosphere increases your emotional flexibility – giving you the freedom to speak up.

A Safe Development Space

Like any skill, confidence building requires practice, feedback, refinement, and more practice. But when your business or career is on the line, practicing out in the open can be a scary and costly strategy. Having a safe space to get consistent practice, learn from others, and receive supportive feedback creates a deep and lasting change.

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What's included in the 12-week accelerator?

  • 1-2-1 coaching sessions to increase confidence, communication skills and emotional flexibility.
  • A dedicated online platform packed with content to facilitate your transformation using the GROWTH Process©.
  • Access to the private SUSO Practice Arena Facebook group to practice, share wins, insights, and realisations with like-minded people.
  • Simple, progressive video challenges to build your confidence and keep you accountable to achieving your goals.
  • The programme has been specifically designed to incrementally stretch your skills in a fun and exciting way to guarantee a transformation.

What does Google say?

    5 star review  Lifechanging coaching Danny completely turned my life upside down - changed my "inner" view on so called negative events - and made traumatic events easier to live with... I now know how we are controlled by our emotions, and how to remove the "negative" stamp from incidents that earlier almost removed my quality of life. I am so grateful, Danny master some serious tools, please give yourself a chance and book a intro-meeting, that can clear out how you can be helped the best. I give Danny Greeves my best recommendations - I will never forget him, and what he helped me to achieve.

    thumb Carrsten Johan Thessen

    5 star review  Danny's support was immense for me during a dark times I was going through, he helped really dig deep to confront the mental battles i was going through and address my past trauma, would highly recommend!

    thumb YS Menza

    5 star review  I would highly recommend Danny, he's a lovely guy who makes you feel very at ease during the sessions and extremely good at what he does.

    thumb Sarah Brown

    5 star review  I had been looking for a life coach for sometime, then came across Danny’s profile. I read all his 5 star reviews and knew he was the one to help. I had terrible brain fog, confidence and angry issues, with the help of Danny I’ve manage to take back control!!! He really makes you understand and overcome issues, in a relaxed, calming manner. He has given me tools for life. I’m forever grateful.

    thumb Natasha Davies

How does it work?

This programme provides the most comprehensive and integrated training to increase your confidence, communication and speaking skills. The programme is so effective because it’s built on strong foundations:

High quality training

Supportive peer group

Comprehensive resources


Who is the programme for?

The programme is designed for business owners and ambitious professionals who want to increase their speaking skills and self-confidence.

As the statistics below show, producing video content is becoming ever more important for business owners, and as the face of your business, speaking confidently and enjoying expressing yourself has huge implications for future growth and personal satisfaction.

The world has changed for the ambitious professional too. The move to online and home working means your ability to share your thought leadership, articulate your ideas, and put yourself forward for exciting opportunities all centres around your confidence and communication skills.

The SUSO Accelerator transforms your confidence and self-belief in a light, fun and enjoyable way.

The Statistics

By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017 (Cisco).

78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day. In fact, 54% of consumers want to see more video content this year (Social Media Week).

90% of customers say videos help make buying decisions (Hubspot).

Becoming a Confident Communicator will transform every area of your life, and in 12-weeks you’ll learn all the skills and tools to last a lifetime. 

Why Listen to Danny Greeves?

If you’re unfamiliar with Danny’s work, he’s the founder of the training accelerator Speak Up and Stand Out. The accelerator to help ambitious individuals unleash their genuine self-confidence so they can live a life they love.

Beyond winning the Prestige Awards 2021 Life Coach of the Year Award for London and South East England, Danny has presented at the London ExCel Centre and the Birmingham NEC Arena discussing the workings of the human mind. He is regular expert on BBC Radio exploring issues around anxiety, stress and self-confidence.

Danny is the author of 5-star reviewed book ‘Six Steps to Self-confidence’ and co-author of ‘The Best Advice for Speakers’ alongside world renowned leaders in personal development and entrepreneurial success such as Dr Demartini, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Douglas Vermeeren and many more. 


Due to the nature of the programme and to create the ideal learning conditions for growth, spaces are limited.

Here's everything included...

Best Practices

  • Powerful personal development exercises to own the traits of those you admire to rapidly increase your self-image.
  • The public speaking strategy of presidential winning campaign Barack Obama. Learn to speak with authenticity and influence.
  • The core principles of the world leader in influence and persuasion Professor Cialdini. 
  • Techniques and tools to uncover unconscious rules that limit emotional expression from the most famous family therapist Virginia Satir.
  • Cognitive behavioural approaches to clear negative emotions.
  • Best practices on speaking, pitching, sales and mindset.
  • Powerful hypnotherapy recordings to increase confidence.
  • NLP meta-programmes – learning behaviour change.
  • Experience the enjoyment of speaking out using the EVOLVE method©.
  • All of this is seamlessly combined into one programme.

Peer Group

  • A small, intimate group of people to share, present and speak to – all valuable forms of feedback.
  • Inspirational stories and learnings to supplement your understanding.
  • Insights from established speakers to share insights and stories.
  • Feedback and guidance inside the private Facebook group.
  • Speaking challenges to improve your speaking skills and presentation


  • A series of digital assets to help propel you forwards now and in the future.
  • A progressive course structure to accelerate speaking in a step-by-step process.
  • Written text highlighting key points to solidify learning, combined with mind map tasks to deepen learning and prompt insights.
  • Speaking strategies to boost confidence.


  • Online platform with comprehensive learning materials.
  • Weekly coaching sessions to build momentum.
  • Monthly speaking challenges to showcase your progress.
  • Fortnightly accountability challenges.
  • Digital tools to work through at your own pace.

If you’ve read through all of this page (or skimmed to the bottom!), think the SUSOA sounds perfect for you – but you’re still on the fence, express your interest now to download the brochure, or email with any questions.