Coaching for Social Anxiety Disorder in Norwich.

Social Anxiety Disorder coaching in Norwich.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a type of anxiety disorder. SAD differs from Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as it is characterised by feelings of extreme anxiety or fear in social situations.

SAD is sometimes referred to as a ‘social phobia’. Feelings of anxiety can be triggered by a number of different social situations. For instance, going to parties, work meetings or public speaking. Consequently, SAD may limit your career opportunities, relationships, and ability to make new friends. This can mean that people end up feeling depressed as a result.

How Can I Help?

There are many natural treatments for social anxiety. However, many of them prove to be insufficient on their own. Coaching sessions can help you to improve your confidence, improve your public speaking skills and enhance communication skills. Working through social anxiety coping techniques and exercises I can help you learn how to deal with social anxiety. Most people notice an improvement in symptoms in 3-4 sessions.


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A reasonably short and very effective hypnotherapy recording to help with Social Anxiety Disorder. This can be listened to immediately before a social gathering or event to promote a feeling of calmness. Alternatively, you can use this any time at home if you are feeling anxious.

Social Anxiety Symptoms.

  • Worry about everyday activities: This could include things like meeting new people or having to start new conversations. It can even include speaking to people on the phone.
  • Avoid social situations: You may be worrying about a future event or decide to purposely avoid going to a gathering for fear of feeling anxious.
  • Embarrassment: This may include sweating excessively, blushing, or struggling to remember your words.
  • Avoid eye contact: A common sign of social anxiety is avoiding or minimising eye contact, abruptly exiting conversations.
  • Panic Attacks: An intense period of anxiety. This may lead to further anxiety for fear of it happening again.
  • Depression: Social anxiety may lead to depression over time.

Coaching for Social Anxiety in Norwich

Coaching sessions in my Norwich clinic can help you to improve you communication skills. Boost your self-confidence and enhance your public speaking skills. As you learn how your mind works, you will be given exercises to overcome social anxiety’s common problems and coping techniques to assist you in activities you find stressful.

Coaching is an educational process that focuses on giving you tools to move forwards in life feeling more confident and self-assured. I also provide coaching for SAD online meaning you can begin feeling better from the comfort of your own home. Social anxiety can response well to coaching and improvements would be anticipated in 2-3 sessions.

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