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Sleeping Peacefully

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For most people, when the sun goes down and you are well into the evening, the number one thing on most people’s minds is ‘sleep’. During those times when you are getting ready for bed, do you think about all the ways you could prevent yourself from sleeping?

Do you think about all the things you could think of that you know would scare you and keep you awake? What would happen then? Of course, you would never get any restful sleep, and similarly it works with anxiety.

As you go about your day and you need to do certain tasks or actions, the process of thinking about everything that could go wrong and imagining the worst case scenario is just like the sleep example a moment ago. In so much as when you think about sleep, the task at hand, focusing on relaxing activities, darkening the lights, getting all comfortable are things that are aligned with what you want; these are all things that can aid you getting a restful night’s sleep.

In your day to day activities, how about you were to imagine things going smoothly and comfortably? If you were to rehearse things in your mind going calmly and effortlessly? What do you think could happen then? That is not to say that you shouldn’t think about potential obstacles or challenges that could arise, only that you could imagine yourself being so prepared for any obstacles you manage them confidently and easily.

The mantra today is once again. Start focusing on what you do want, rather than what you don’t want, and just notice how stuff starts to shift before your eyes.

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