Confident Entrepreneur Business Mastery Programme©


An online business plan to help you grow and evolve your business with confidence.


The most comprehensive online business plan available.

This newly updated Confident Entrepreneur business plan contains over 380 questions in 23 categories to help you grow every single part of your business. With each component of your business broken down into small bitesize categories, you can zoom in and improve one specific aspect of your business or you can work through the plan methodically, enhancing each area one step at a time.

Beyond that, you will have a record of your thoughts, actions and plans that accumulates and builds over time, helping you to appreciate the evolution of your business and to make well informed decisions based on data from the past.

The Confident Entrepreneur Business Plan is delivered through a Microsoft Excel document. It is advised to open and work on your plan through Google sheets so you can access and work on your plan at any time and on the go.