21 Day Mindset Mentor


A 21 day mindset mentor programme where you invest 21 minutes of your day over three weeks to build confidence, improve emotional wellbeing and boost productivity.

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This 21 day programme consists of three core components to help you shift your mindset and build your confidence. The purpose of the programme is to introduce small bite size practices and exercises that over the course of 21 days will assist you to feel more confident, grateful and productive. The mindset mentor programme takes less than 21 minutes a day to complete and will give you tools and strategies to use going forwards

The first seven days are aimed at improving mental and emotional wellbeing. I guide and teach seven 10 minute mindset movers to increase emotional balance and regulation. The second core component consists of seven 10 minute lessons to increase productivity, set goals you’ll be inspired to achieve, and I’ll help you create a plan to move forwards with confidence. The final component is seven days of 10 minute mindful moments. We will cover how the mind works and how you can use a simple strategy to build confidence on a daily basis.

You will receive all 21 days upon purchase of your mindset mentor programme, so you are free to watch one per day or have a mindset mentor binge!