Coaching Services 

This page will guide you through the pricing structure for my coaching packages. I will explain who my coaching is ideal for, and who it isn’t appropriate for.

life coaching vs counselling

I coach clients to help them learn to master the way they think, feel and act.

This means learning the principles to keep a calm and positive mindset. To become resilient to stress and to overcome past pains and challenges.

These fundamental principles allow you to create a life you enjoy. Where you can handle the challenges that come along and embrace life.

Everyone has unique values and no two people are the same. But I absolutely believe learning how your mind works and how to master your emotions is the single most valuable thing you can do to create a life you enjoy.

My coaching is for...

  • People who are curious and open-minded, who are willing to learn new things.
  • People who are ready to prioritise themselves and focus on improving their lives.
  • People who are prepared to commit to working together to reach their goals.
  • People who are ready to invest in themselves.

My Coaching is not for...

  • People who want a magic bullet and who aren’t prepared to put some work in.
  • People who are prepared to accept their situation and ‘put-up-with-it’ for the rest of their lives.
  • People who don’t value their mental health and mindset as a priority.

Coaching Packages

I appreciate everyone has different financial resources available to them. I aim to provide a range of services to suit all budgets.

Coaching packages range from £595 to £2987 depending on your requirements.

*All coaching programmes are available with payment plans.

Pricing Guide

There are various options available to you depending on the type and level of support you would like. The most important factors are:

  1. The depth and duration of our work together. Programmes run from a five-session structure to a comprehensive 12-month transformation package.
  2. The support and attention you desire. This ranges from email support to daily What’s App check-in’s and accountability.
  3. Access to resources. I have compiled and recorded the most comprehensive mindset training platform in the UK. Complete with videos, tools and resources to support your journey. This exclusive platform is a gold-mine of learning.
The first step is for us to arrange a discovery call where we can discuss your goals, your challenges and your preferences.

I am inspired to help you on your journey, let’s get started…