Plan your passion

Plan your passion

If you are going to choose to eat a piece of chocolate cake, and someone offers you the choice of a small, thinly sliced piece of dry, old chocolate cake; or a big piece of moist, velvety, high quality cocoa chocolate cake with a delicious looking chocolate cream topping, which one are you going to go for?

The velvety delicious one of course!

The same principles apply to when you are planning to live the life you want. If the only ideas you have are vague, half-baked, old and blurry, then what is the likelihood you will be driven forwards to experience it? Not very likely at all.

One of the ways you can help to inspire yourself is to really plan the way you want to live, and to make it so juicy and appealing for you that even in the tough times, you are motivated to keep going. 

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