Coaching to help Panic Disorder in Norwich.

Coaching in Norwich to improve symptoms of Panic Disorder.

Panic disorder is classified as an anxiety disorder. It is characterised by frequent, unexpected panic attacks.

Panic attacks, sometimes known as anxiety attacks, are periods of intense, overwhelming fear. In addition to fear, there is often heart palpitations, sweating, difficulty breathing, shaking, and sometimes neural symptoms (e.g. numbness). Due to the severity of a panic attack, symptoms usually reach their peak within minutes and can last for up to 20 minutes. In more extreme cases these panic attacks may last up to an hour before subsiding. As this attack can be very distressing, its common for people to them become anxious and fearful about having another panic attack. This creates a vicious cycle and can cause people to feel stuck.

Panic attack disorder may also be present alongside other common mental health conditions such as generalised anxiety disordersocial anxiety disorder, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and depression.

How Can I Help?

Coaching first helps you to learn how your mind works, and what happens specifically to create a panic attack. Many people immediately feel more in control and comfortable when they understand the mechanics of how panic attacks work. Coaching also provides you with tools for how to stop a panic attack. In other words, you are provided with tried and tested tools that empower you to stop panic attacks in their tracks, thus improving your confidence.

Using the latest in psychological techniques and developments in neuroscience I can then help you towards identifying the root causes of your feelings. This helps you to make changes in your subconscious mind, changing old unhelpful programs. Most people experience a significant improvement in 3 sessions or less.

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An easy to use, effective hypnotherapy recording to listen to in the early signs of stress, anxiety and worry. 

Use this recording to interrupt unwanted thoughts or feelings of panic, and start feeing calmer in minutes.

Panic Attack Symptoms

  • Rapid heart beat: The adrenaline released into your nervous system causes your heart to beat faster. Some people feel like their heart is beating too fast. It may also causes a throbbing feeling in your ears.
  • Excessive sweating: The stress response is initiated at the level of the amygdala in the brain which impacts the autonomic nervous system. Sweating is characteristic of the stress response.
  • Rapid breathing or hyperventilation: Anxiety attacks often are associated with a sharp increase in breathing rates.
  • Feeling dizzy, lightheaded or unsteady: A direct consequence of altered breathing patterns causing a significant shift in oxygen levels in the brain. These changes lead to physiological symptoms.
  • Extreme fear: This may precede the attack or be a consequence of it.

Coaching packages in Norwich to help improve symptoms of Panic Disorder.

The benefits in using coaching as a means to improve Panic Disorder symptoms are twofold. Firstly by coaching you through tried and tested techniques that can help you to stop a panic attack within minutes. This means that from the first session you have practical tools to take forwards. Secondly, through expertly targeted questions and the latest psychological techniques, I can guide you through a process of changing your mind at a subconscious level. In other words, dissolving emotions from past events, overcoming previous negative experiences and changing your internal self-talk. These combined can help you make changes in the way you respond in the world and can contribute to preventing future symptoms.

Coaching from my Norwich clinic or via online coaching  is available in a range of packages. Please contact me to find out how you could be feeling better in as little as 3 sessions.

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