The Comprehensive Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

The Comprehensive Guide to overcoming anxiety

Experiencing anxiety can have a crippling effect on a person’s life. It can make what seemingly ‘should’ be pleasant and fun experiences turn into nothing but stress, worry and concern. There is also the added difficulty in that a person can experience anxiety in many different shapes and sizes, and symptoms can be mild to severe.

Mental Health is becoming more and more popular in mainstream media, and the government is increasing funding in the procurement and supply of mental health services. Despite this, many people have gone through the system and come out the other side still struggling, and some people have had years of therapy and have yet to get the result they want.

This comprehensive guide has the intention of giving you new ways and ideas about how to think about the experience of anxiety, how by changing your approach you can have a very real impact on your own symptoms, or on the symptoms of those around you.

The guide will start by covering the most common signs and symptoms, what medications are available and how they work, before moving on to exploring why change is so difficult, and what we can do about it to take control.

The latter parts of the guide will demonstrate HOW anxiety works, knowing this can give you new insights into how you come to feel the way you feel, and also gives you hope for how this can be changed. We will then go through a different way to relate to anxiety in terms of how you see your symptoms relative to who you are, which can have a powerful impact on how you live your life.