Coaching to help Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in Norwich.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder coaching in Norwich.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is classified as a form of anxiety disorder. It consists of aspects called obsessions and compulsions. Although often a stand-alone condition, OCD may occur simultaneously with generalised anxiety disorder, depressionirritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and panic disorder.

An obsession or obsessive behaviour can be initiated by a scary mental image, unwanted thought, doubt or worry that progresses to an intense feeling of anxiety. On the other hand, compulsions are repeated actions or behaviours that an individual uses to reduce or diminish the anxious feelings. There are many different examples of OCD type behaviour. For instance cleaning, repeated checking of things, or doing a specific action a set number of times.

How Can I Help?

You may have searched for the best OCD treatment, or completed an OCD test of some kind. Coaching provides effective ways of changing thought patterns and modifying behaviour. Therefore coaching can assist in overcoming OCD symptoms.

Most people notice an improvement in OCD symptoms in 3-4 sessions. Coaching can help you become more aware of your internal self-talk and the language patterns you use with other. 

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Symptoms of OCD

  • Obsession: This is where an unwanted or intrusive thought enters your mind. This could be in the form of something you say to yourself, an image in your mind, or something that just happens without any conscious effort.
  • Anxiety: Following on the from the obsession is the feeling of anxiety. This can gradually progress to a level of intense anxiety and distress.
  • Compulsion: This is the ritual or repeated action that is used to in some way diminish the intense level of anxiety that is being experienced.
  • Temporary relief: Performing the ritual or repeated action leads to a decrease in feelings of anxiety and allows you to feel calmer. However, this is often a very temporary relief and before long anxiety starts to increase again and the recycle starts over.

Help with OCD through coaching in Norwich.

There is a large emphasis on education in my Norwich clinic. An important part of coping with OCD is learning how your mind works. When you learn how your thoughts can be constructed you can start to feel more in control of how you are thinking. We also cover some language patterns that can often be at the centre of OCD symptoms. Using the latest in cutting edge psychological techniques can help you make changes at a below conscious level. This means you can change the way you think, leading to the possibility of overcoming OCD.

I offer a range of coaching packages to help with OCD symptoms. This may include some hypnotherapy recordings, home exercises and video support for further learning. Getting OCD help in Norwich can help you to start feeling better in 4-5 sessions.

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