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Misophonia: noises at the dinner table?

misophonia people eating Christmas dinner

The festive period is often a time where families and friends congregate together to eat. Whether that be Christmas dinner, Boxing day meal, or just gatherings over the Christmas/New Year period. 

With that certain people can experience a ‘condition’ called Misophonia.

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Misophonia is characterised by annoyance, anger or even hatred of the sound of chewing food. It could be the yapping sound people can sometimes make during eating, or maybe the slurping sound during the consumption of soup.

Some scientists have tried calling this a ‘brain abnormality’. When it’s much simpler than that, what it really comes down to is Emotional Memory Images (EMI).

People who experience misophonia can often struggle with other mental health conditions such as anxietystress and anger management issues.

Emotional Memory Images

These EMI’s are mental visualisations of an event, incident or set of circumstances that had a strong emotional component. This could be a traumatic experience or the object of a phobia. In the case of Misophonia, this usually comes down to tension at the family dinner table when young.

When you were little and sitting around the dinner table, was there tension? For instance, was there an eerie silence around your dinner  table? You may not have known what was going on. Yet you knew it was best if you kept your head down and ate quietly.

Was there silence at the dinner table? Not because something had happened, but because nothing had happened. Which meant something was soon about to happen!

Tension at the dinner table

Whatever your individual circumstances, a young mind can easily pick up on that tension that can hover around the dinner table. This tension can lead to your mind associating the sound of eating with those emotions. In addition to this, all this happens outside of your conscious awareness.

All you know is you are now 45 and the sound of chewing causes you to feel nervous, tense, anxious or even angry. It can feel like it happens for no discernible reason.

As we often find that whatever you put your attention on expands. Once you notice that sound, it can seem to get louder and louder, almost like it’s the only sound in the room!

In conclusion, if you are driven to the edges of your sanity by the simple sound of chewing at the dinner table, I can help you explore the root causes of these emotions and help you to dissolve the emotional connections to those events back then. Once those are dealt with, you may find that you forget all about the sound of chewing and can get back to enjoying the lovely food in front of you!

Contact me to book your first session and start becoming an even better you today.

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