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Clear your mind and improve your
mental fitness in 6 weeks.

How does it work? Money-back guarantee

This programme is designed to help you clear your mind and feel greater emotional balance. In other words, to improve your mental fitness. Whether you would like to feel a greater sense of calm and control, accelerate your performance at work, or improve the quality of your important relationships, increasing your mental fitness is the key.

Life is full of challenges, and we all have painful experiences as we grow. There may be specific past events that caused you emotional distress, specific people who you feel hurt, abused or challenged you. There may be people or incidents you resent for the way they happened. Often these intense emotional events continue to affect you years and even decades later, shaping the way you view people and the world, and in the process negatively impact your mental and physical health.

These events leave an imprint on your subconscious mind, and your mind will continually scan your environment for any signs of threat, contributing to feelings of stress and fatigue. Your mind also creates associations and links that spread out into other contexts. For example:

When you were younger your father or partner were very authoritative and critical. Now, years later, if someone at work looks at you with the same facial expression, or you hear a similar voice tone or posture, you start feeling anxious and stressed, even if you aren’t consciously aware of the connection and original cause.

These events erode your mental fitness, leading to anxiety, low confidence and reduced work performance.

The mental fitness programme is a 6 session, 1-2-1 coaching programme where we work together to help you clear the stored emotions from those past events and give you the tools to increase your mental fitness.

The results are a greater sense of emotional calm and wellbeing, increased confidence, improved communication and work performance, in addition to a greater resilience to life’s challenges.

This is NOT like counselling or traditional talking therapy. There is no need to share the full story and details of the events. We use leading edge psychological techniques to clear the stored imprints on your subconscious mind so you can move forward free from the burdens of the past.

How can I know if the programme will help me?

If there are events or people from your past that are still painful, or if you have resentments and emotional charges towards yourself or others, then this training will help you. But I appreciate everyone is different and we all respond in a unique way. That is why before I invite anyone to join the programme, we have an online call together where we go through a few questions to get a better idea of what is going on for you and the results you would like to achieve. If at that point we both agree this would be valuable for you, we can enrol you on the programme.

The benefits of this is we both get to check we get along and I can check you will get the desired results from the programme.

The investment for the programme is £595, which can be paid in one lump sum or via instalments.

If you would like to enrol on the programme, fill out the form below to organise your totally free, no obligation discovery call.

I am certain you will experience the benefits this programme will provide I want to take as much risk out of it as possible. That’s why I’ll give you a breakout clause. If you aren’t happy with the service by session 3, you can opt to end the programme and be refunded the remaining amount.

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