Clear your mind and improve your
mental fitness in 6 weeks.

How does it work?

This programme is designed to help you change the way you think to put you in control of your emotions. In other words, to improve your mental fitness.

The initial session is where we lay the groundwork. Within this first session I will give you a completely fresh perspective on what anxiety and stress are and how they work. We will then go through and practice a technique that often leads to a significant improvement in anxiety after just this session.

I will show you exactly how we can start to change your unwanted thoughts and feelings. We then work through an issue so that after only one initial session you start feeling differently already.

If we both decide that you would be a good fit for the programme, I will then start you on some exercises to do at home to further change the way you feel and keep you moving even further towards better mental fitness and health. The full 6 week programme with then start the following week.

For a limited time only this initial session is FREE* for the first 20 people who sign up for the full 6 week programme. 

What is in the programme?

After you have gone through the initial session, most people already report a significant change in how they are feeling, and that is before we’ve even got started!

Here is an overview of what each mental fitness training session involves and how it will help you. Each section also has an accompanying blog to go into even more detail.

map and road ahead
  1. THE MAP – Mental Strength.
  • Learn the map of the mind and how it works.
  • Learn the language patterns to avoid for better mental fitness.
  • Explore your map and uncover limiting beliefs and identities.
  • Blog on session 1.
brain made of words


  • Learn the model of communication that perpetuates stressful relationships, and how to break free of them.
  • The 4 patterns of behaviour that lead to anxiety. How to identify and change them.
  • Clear past emotional events and clear them from your mind.
  • Blog on session 2.
larvae to butterfly

3. LEVELS OF TRANSFORMATION – Emotional Flexibility.

  • Learn and implement this powerful tool to transform any problem.
  • Learn how to create a future full of things that you love and are inspired by.
  • Work on and clear an unwanted feeling, behaviour or problem.
  • Blog on session 3.
red blue magnet

4. POLARISED EMOTIONS – Mental Agility.

  • Break through the myth of positive thinking, and learn how to significantly improve your emotional flexibility and become more balanced and centred.
  • Work on a past issue and clear old emotions and attachments and transfomr them into something greater.
  • Learn a technique to apply at home to clear anxiety or worry in the future.
  • Blog on session 4.
rule book red

5. FAMILY RULES – Mental Power.

  • Learn the hidden rules of communication and how to identify them and use them to your advantage.
  • Discover which unconscious rules are impacting upon your life and work through one and clear it.
  •  See your family through a new perspective and level of appreciation.
  • Blog on session 5.
woman silhouette jumping

6. KEEPING FIT – Mental Stamina.

  • Work through any remaining issues and recap the core skills of the programme.
  • Set up and maintain your own independent wellbeing practices to help you stay mentally fit.
  • Home exercises and further support.
  • Blog on session 6.

Now you have had a complete run down of the mental fitness training programme, and you get a full session packed with added value to test it out before you commit to the programme, what are you waiting for?

Contact me today to book your initial session and in only 6 short weeks, you could have a clear mind and a completely different outlook on life. How much would that change your life? What would be possible then?

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*Coaching programs begin at £595 for a 6 week transformational course