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Life Coaching vs Counselling

Life coaching vs counselling – what’s really the difference? When deciding to get help, it can be overwhelming with all the possible choices. Two of the main options people have is to decide between life coaching and counselling.

In this video, I take an objective, unbiased view of both disciplines and provide an equal range of pros and cons for each.

Life Coaching vs Counselling

Life coaching is often perceived to be more proactive. It has a higher emphasis on getting specific results, which for some people can help focus their mind and their energy. As a result of this, some people find life coaching helps to generate greater results. Another significant benefit of life coaching is the focus on tools and strategies. By learning new ways of thinking, deciding and acting, you can become empowered to make your own changes.

On the flip side, life coaching often involves a larger investment up-front. Often payment plans are available, but it is very common to expect to make a larger initial investment than in most other forms of psychological help.

Counselling is advantageous because it creates a safe space to vent and express your feelings. Many people lack the support network to be able to do this and so by having a non-judgemental ear nearby, it can be important in providing an outlet to process emotions. Counselling is largely client led, so you have the time and space to discuss whatever is feeling most current for you on each visit. This gives you more freedom and flexibility.

The disadvantages of counselling are the long term cost. While life coaching involves a larger upfront cost, many people go to counselling once or twice a week and this can continue for months or even years. This means the long term, overall cost of counselling can be significantly higher. The other main drawback of counselling is a lack of structure. Because you can discuss anything each session and it is client-led, there is a much smaller emphasis on helping you get moving forward and making changes.

To find out more information about my services, we can arrange an informal chat to discuss what you would like to work on before deciding if a discovery call would be valuable for you.

Everyone is different and there are many different types of therapy. We often have questions before we consider moving forwards. Feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have.

life coaching vs counselling

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