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Life Coach fees: How much does life coaching cost?

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Life Coach fees - how much does it cost?

A common question many people have is ‘how much does life coaching cost?’ This is a perfectly reasonable question, and after all, we all like to have a ball-park idea of what any investment will look like before we get too involved.

I certainly know when I am doing some research and investigating different possibilities, it is so frustrating when people do not have their fees explained. It gets me to question what are they hiding and how high are the prices. This article is designed to answer that question.

Firstly, there are an awful lot of life coaches out there who have very little experience, who have worked through an online course, or worked through a weekend seminar and then start advertising themselves as a life coach. This is very challenging for the industry as a whole as it can be difficult to make an informed decision.

Another problem with looking up life coaching fees is that there is a huge range across the board. Some life coaches, despite quite extensive experience, charge around £40 a session. Whereas other life coaches, such as Rich Litvin, charge £80,000 for life coaching. The difference is huge.

The cost of going with a cheap coach

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to searching for life coach fees is to try and boil the price down to either a per hour or per session basis. The reason this often doesn’t work out well and people feel disappointed with the quality of coaching they receive is because it is not a linear service. By this I mean life coaching isn’t designed to be a trade-off of time=money. It’s designed to be an exchange of time=result.

Let me explain, if for example you want a massage. There is definitely some scope for getting a very good massage or a very bad one, but the end result is unlikely to be significantly different between an average massage and a good one. As long as you are seeing someone who is qualified and has some experience, you can fairly safely make assumptions about what kind of service you will receive. A massage may make a big difference in how you feel in the short term, but it is unlikely to change your life.

When it comes to life coaching, the focus I believe, should be on results. If a lack of confidence and speaking skills is hampering you in your business, affecting your relationships, and lowering your self-esteem, improving these issues can transform your life in a very short space of time.

Seeing someone who charges £50 a session, who you see weekly for 4 months without significant change, that turns out to be a very expensive waste of your time and resources.

But if your confidence transforms inside 6 weeks, your business revenue increases because you’re putting yourself out there, your relationships improve and you feel greater love and connection, as well as your self-image, rising sharply, how much would that be worth for you?

The key with life coaching is to focus on the value of the transformation, not the cost of the session.

Another reason this is important is that we often associate time and money as being inextricably linked. But if next time you went to the dentist, they said you needed a root canal, and to help you get your money’s worth they are going to make it last 8 hours, you would be appaulled. 

Life coaching is the same, it’s not the time, its the result that counts.

My coaching fees - how much do I cost?

I believe in using life coaching to achieve specific results. It could be overcoming trauma, resolving anxiety, increasing confidence, or improving speaking skills. Whatever the objective, we work together to help you achieve it.

As a result, I find the best approach to life coaching is through coaching programmes.

I run a variety of programmes to help you work towards your goal. Some of my coaching programmes start at approximately £300. This is usually when there are clear, specific goals that are achievable in a short space of time.

Other results require more time, energy and attention. As a result, I run longer programmes to give expert care and support to help you get there. At the other end of the spectrum, coaching programmes can range from several hundred, to around the £1000 mark, all the way up to £2000 depending on the target.

These programmes are a complete and remarkable solution for certain problems. My emphasis is on making sure I can get you a great return on your investment, so coaching can help you achieve life-changing results, this is a very reasonable sum. The cost then becomes very cheap indeed.

The extra investment doesn’t just get you ‘extra sessions’, there are audio resources, comprehensive online platform content that you can continue to revisit for months to come, and cutting edge digital assets that can transform your mindset. Up until this stage in my career, my investment in upskilling myself has surpassed £60,000 and taken 15 years to accumulate. Being able to receive the most distilled, effective practices that will last a lifetime is a huge return on your investment in my opinion.

Life coach fees: summary

There are no one-size-fits-all packages for life coaching because everyone is unique and everyone has personal goals and objectives. I provide a range of different programmes to help suit your budget and most importantly, help you get the result you are looking for. 

Send me a message today to arrange your discovery call and find out what programmes would be a good fit for you.

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