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Coaching in Norwich to help with insomnia.

Sleep is a critical function for human beings. Insomnia prevents you from getting the rest your body needs. Sleep is a special period of the day that allows the body to rest, repair and stay healthy. The entire body benefits when we sleep. For example, digestion slows in the gut, the kidneys reduce urine production, and energy systems recharge. Possibly the biggest advantage of sleep is that it helps our mind and brain. Sleep is when the brain integrates all the information from the day. Where it resets ready to go again. For instance, a good night’s sleep is crucial for a clear mind and the ability to concentrate.

There are various theories that suggest how much sleep we need. Above that, it is the quality of sleep that is important. Not getting enough sleep or enough good quality sleep will negatively affect many of the body’s systems. There is a strong correlation between sleep issues and chronic health conditions and health problems. Most of us have experienced a day of irritability, brain fog and poor concentration after a poor night’s sleep. Imagine how this affects you over the long term.

Insomnia often occurs in conjunction with Generalised Anxiety DisorderSocial Anxietydepression and stress. Therefore we will need to make sure you work with you in a holistic way to incorporate these where necessary.

How Can I Help?

Coaching is fast becoming an ever more helpful tool in improving the symptoms of insomnia. There are many contributing factors. However, the most common are stress, anxiety, and depression. There are also other factors that can contribute to sleeplessness. Such as poor sleep hygiene, disrupted circadian rhythms, and issues with nutrition and digestion.

Coaching sessions at my Norwich clinic can help you to overcome anxiety, to reduce stress, provide strategies and techniques to clear your mind. As coaching is an educational process, I can help you learn about and implement improve sleep hygiene and to modify environmental factors. Most people notice an improvement in symptoms in 3-4 sessions.

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Anxiety and stress are often primary drivers in struggling to sleep and insomnia. Download my free anxiety and stress reducing hypnotherapy recording. Listen to this approximately 30 minutes before you go to sleep to help you move into a calm state before bed.

Insomnia symptoms.

  • Overactive mind: If your mind is still processing information from the day or there was an event that you are continuing to replay, this will prevent you from getting into an optimal sleep state.
  • Struggling to get to sleep: Some people can lay or sit in bed for hours without actually falling asleep. This is one of the most common symptoms of insomnia.
  • Waking up during the night: On the other hand, some people can drift off to sleep quite easily,. Yet they will then wake up several times during the night, often as the same time each night.
  • Feeling like you haven’t slept: Due to the disrupted and poor quality sleep insomniacs can have, some people wake up feeling like they haven’t even been asleep.
  • Low energy levels: Sleep is when the body recharges. Just as you plug in your phone to recharge over night, sleep has the same type of effect. When you have low or poor quality sleep, energy levels suffer.
  • Lack of concentration: not enough or poor quality sleep reduces cognitive abilities. This means you may struggle to concentrate, may forget things, or notice brain fog.
  • Irritability: When you aren’t getting enough sleep your brain isn’t processing information as efficiently. This can quickly lead to irritability

Help with insomnia in Norwich. Coaching to get you sleeping well again.

Most people will notice an improvement in their ability to sleep after 3 sessions. As well as addressing the psychological causes of insomnia, simple practical steps are also provided.

Coaching that utilises the latest developments in neuroscience combined with cutting edge psychological techniques can help clear your mind. All of these together can reduce anxiety and stress, and contribute towards a restful nights sleep.

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