Inner Peace

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The ONLY results based therapeutic programme that guarantees significant change.

The Inner Peace Project

“Inner peace or peace of mind refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress (Om Swami).”

The Inner Peace Project is a 4-month transformational programme that is guaranteed to help you experience greater inner peace. This personalised 1-2-1 programme will dissolve your fears, clear limiting beliefs and resolve old emotional pain/trauma.

This programme will give you the tools, strategies and techniques to transform your mindset. In addition to these, you will be expertly guided through each 1-2-1 session where we utilise powerful therapeutic interventions to help you overcome your emotional challenges.

What is the journey to inner peace?

How does it work?

Discovery Call

We organise a video discovery call to discuss where you are at the moment, what challenges you’re facing, and what personal goals you want to achieve.


When researching about which coaching or therapy programme to join or who to work with, there are usually two big questions people ask themselves. The first is “will this work for me?” and the second is “will this make a long term change?” These are totally understandable questions to ask and for 99% of coaching programmes out there cannot provide an answer with certainty to these questions.

The foundations module allows me to say with 100% certainty this programme will shift your perspective and it will give you long-lasting change. By the time you have completed this part of your journey, you will have created new neural pathways in the brain, your confidence increases, and you will not only learn the information – but you’ll live it too.


Here you learn how your subconscious mind works. You learn, practice and experience taking control of your subconscious mind. This is often the most mind-blowing element to the programme and will change your understanding of how the mind works for the rest of your life.

We methodically work through the emotional blocks, trauma, and painful past experiences that are preventing you from experiencing inner peace and resolve them together.

Emotional Balance

As your foundational skills and knowledge grows stronger with practice, our programming module works to clear and resolve emotional charges, we then move towards emotional balance.

You will learn how to neutralise any emotional charge, ranging from anxiety, stress, guilt and shame. The practical application of these tools gives you the experience of feeling calmer, more in control, and more emotionally balanced.


As you liberate the emotional baggage from the past, you begin to tap into a greater appreciation for yourself. This comes in the form of recognising your own value and worth – without the pain from the past clouding your view. You gain a deeper appreciation for your journey and your experiences to date.

We assist you in actively identifying wins, signs of progress and achievements in your daily life and feel a deeper sense of gratitude. All these factors combine to improve hormonal balance and overall psychological wellbeing.

Changing habits

Research estimates that 90% of behaviour is habit driven, and yet rarely do people have a specific and scientifically validated model to master their own habits. With tools, practice and feedback you will effortlessly create and sustain new and empowering habits that are a joy to do.

One key component of the changing habits module allows you to consciously experience more joy and happiness on a daily basis, which not only improves your mood but gives you greater emotional control.

Energy management

Inner peace is an internal feeling, but an important component of this is based on the health and condition of our body. After all, it’s your home for the duration, looking after it only becomes more important with age. 

In this module nutrition, fitness and sleep are embedded with all the skills and training you have so far to optimise your overall wellbeing.

At this stage you will have everything you need to enjoy the experience of inner peace.

Danny Greeves Assembly House

What does Google say?

I would highly recommend working with Danny if you have past trauma and relationship issues to resolve. He has helped me to deal with past trauma, increase my confidence and my relationship in ways I did not imagine were possible in a friendly, warm and non-judgemental way. If you are lucky enough to have found him and are considering whether this might be right for you, go for it! You will be amazed and will never look back. 😊

thumb Louise Burgess

Danny was so supportive and his coaching is so subtle but life changing. So much changed for me during a three month period - I moved house, earned more, learnt new skills. I will definitely consider retaking the course. Thanks Danny!

thumb Nadya Ramdany

The coaching experience Danny has provided me with over 3 months has helped me immensely! He has given me the knowledge and ability to control my anxiety, and the whole process was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend Danny for anyone struggling with anxiety.

thumb Edward Sacree-Hall

Lifechanging coaching Danny completely turned my life upside down - changed my "inner" view on so called negative events - and made traumatic events easier to live with... I now know how we are controlled by our emotions, and how to remove the "negative" stamp from incidents that earlier almost removed my quality of life. I am so grateful, Danny master some serious tools, please give yourself a chance and book a intro-meeting, that can clear out how you can be helped the best. I give Danny Greeves my best recommendations - I will never forget him, and what he helped me to achieve.

thumb Carrsten Johan Thessen


If your application is successful, the Inner Peace Project can be paid for in one or two monthly instalments. 

It can also be paid for over the course of one year, with monthly payments incredibly manageable at only £150.

What Next?

To organise your discovery call and ask any questions you may have, complete the form below. Please include the best days and times for your discovery call so I can check my diary.