Hypnotherapy in Norwich for Social Anxiety Disorder.

Social Anxiety Disorder hypnotherapy in Norwich.

Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) can help reduce symptoms for people that experience discomfort, anxiety and tension in social situations. SAD involves intense feelings of anxiety and fear in social situations.

Feelings of anxiety may be affected by social situations such as parties, gatherings and family celebrations. Due to its nature, SAD can have significant effects on your career and work performance. For instance, you may fear public speaking, work meetings or going to interviews.

SAD is a form of anxiety disorder, and can come along with other mental health conditions such as panic disorder, stress, or generalised anxiety disorder.

How Can I Help?

Hypnotherapy is a natural treatment for anxiety without pills. A hypnotherapy session helps you to achieve a relaxed state. It can be thought of as a kind of behavioural therapy as it helps to remove blocks from your subconscious mind. In addition to helping symptoms of SAD, you may also notice an improvement in confidence and self-esteem.

Norwich based hypnotherapy sessions are a natural way to help you take charge of your mental health and help you to feel calmer and more in control.

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A reasonably short and very effective hypnotherapy recording to help with Social Anxiety Disorder. This can be listened to immediately before a social gathering or event to promote a feeling of calmness. Alternatively, you can use this any time at home if you are feeling anxious.

SAD symptoms

  • Panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Panic attacks are extreme incidents of feelings of panic. Symptoms can often overwhelm the individual and may last for up to an hour in duration.
  • Excessive worry and concern: As social beings it can be exceptionally difficult to avoid social situations. This means that everyday actions like conversing with colleagues, or meeting new people can be difficult.
  • Sweating: Anxiety is driven by a part of the brain called the amygdala. When the amygdala perceives a threat signs are sweating, clammy hands, blushing and brain fog.
  • Depression: SAD may occur alongside other mental health conditions such as depression, stress burn out or eating disorders.
  • Body language: Many people with SAD are so uncomfortable around other people they avoid eye contact, look down towards the ground and close their body to others.
  • Isolation: People with SAD often avoid social situations and areas where they may be unable to avoid being with other people. This can lead to social isolation. 

Hypnotherapy for SAD in Norwich.

Hypnotherapy sessions in my Norwich clinic can help you to overcome symptoms of SAD. Whether you have experienced hypnotherapy before or if you are new to the experience, I will talk you through the process to put you at ease. There are many misconceptions about hypnotherapy due to the media and so-called stage hypnotists. My hypnosis sessions for SAD are a safe, gentle and effective way to clear your mind and help you to move forwards in life.

My SAD hypnosis packages also come with home hypnotherapy recordings to enhance your experience, and also provides you with the tools to manage any future stresses if they emerge. Social anxiety often responds very well to hypnotherapy and I would anticipate a significant improvement in symptoms in 3 sessions or less.

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