Hypnotherapy for Panic Disorder in Norwich.

Norwich panic disorder hypnosis.

Panic disorder consists of episodes of extreme panic and anxiety, often referred to as panic attacks or anxiety attacks. These may vary in frequency and may last from just a couple of minutes up to an hour. Hypnosis for panic disorder can help to reduce symptoms.

Panic attacks are characterised by a series of physiological symptoms. Some of these symptoms can mimic that of a heart condition, and so we advise that you have regular check-ups with your doctor to rule this out. The physical symptoms of panic disorder are difficulty breathing, shaking, pins and needles, numbness and heart palpitations.

One of the primary issues in panic disorder is that after one extreme panic attack, often people become anxious worrying about having another attack. This creates a vicious cycle and leads to increased feelings of anxiety.

How Can I Help?

Hypnosis for panic disorder can help to clear your mind of the root causes of panic attacks from your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is evidence based and I have many years of experience of working with people with panic disorder.

Most people notice an improvement in how they feel after just one session and the majority of people notice significant changes after 3 sessions. You will also learn a tried and tested technique that will help you to interrupt any panic attack, meaning you can gain more control over how you think and feel. Hypnosis sessions at my Norwich clinic can help to prevent unexpected panic attacks by helping you to clear old memories and emotions from your deeper mind.

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For anyone experiencing panic disorder this recording is an essential tool to get you back in control of how you think and feel. Listen to this twice a day for maximum effect.

Symptoms of Panic Disorder

  • Frequent, unexpected panic attacks: The frequency will vary from person to person but these episodes of panic can be extremely distressful and debilitating.
  • Feelings of anxiety: Although panic attacks are the most distressing symptoms, there is often a low level of background anxiety that affects many areas of life.
  • Chest pain: Panic attacks often cause episodes of heart palpitations and chest pain. These can mimic that of a cardiac event which only serves to distress you further.
  • Hyperventilation: Rapid changes to breathing frequency and depth lead to hyperventilation. This can lead to secondary symptoms such as dizziness and pins and needles in the hands and feet.
  • Extreme feeling of dread or fear: Panic attacks are often initiated following a spike in anxiety, stemming from intense feelings of worry, anxiety or stress.
  • Anxiety about future panic attacks: a vicious cycles gets set up after a significant panic attack, whereby you begin to fear a future attack. This only serves to compound the feelings of anxiety. 

Hypnosis in Norwich for panic attacks and panic disorder.

You can start feeling better as soon as you have made your booking. You will receive a home hypnotherapy recording to listen to prior to our session. As a result, often your feelings of panic have reduced before we even meet. In the first session we will practice a technique that when used correctly can halt any panic attack in its tracks. Above that, you will then feel more in control as you can manage your symptoms.

Hypnosis for panic attacks and panic disorder helps by clearing emotions from past events and incidents. It does not matter if you can’t remember how the panic disorder started, as hypnotherapy can guide you through a process to release whatever is holding you back. Hypnotherapy for panic disorder at my Norwich location usually creates significant changes in just 3 sessions.

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Curious to find out more?

Hypnotherapy for panic disorder consists of a holistic approach. Combined home hypnotherapy recordings, powerful in session hypnosis, and panic attack coping strategies provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

People experiencing panic attacks can also suffer from Generalised Anxiety DisorderSocial Anxiety Disorder and symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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