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How does anxiety happen so fast?!

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Common questions...

Have you ever wondered how anxiety comes on so quickly?

Have you ever wondered how it can be triggered by such random things?

You may have you wondered how certain people really set it off? Even if they are not ‘doing’ anything.

These are the types of experiences that may cause you to wonder if there is something wrong with you, if something ‘bad’ is about to happen, or even if these types of experiences will go on forever.

This in itself provokes anxiety and sets up a vicious cycle. Becoming anxious about feeling anxious just adds fuel to the fire.

You may also have been asking yourself…..

Why does it happen so quickly?

Why is it so random?

Or even why do certain people trigger those feelings?

If you have just read those second set of questions and are thinking to yourself they are just the same as the ones at the top, then it will be worth your investment 10 fold to book in for a session just to know the answer to that.

It’s the difference that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

You may have read around the topic and come across people that talk about the speed at which feelings of anxiety occur and how random it can be as just “one of those things” and something you just “have to deal with”.

Well thankfully, this just isn’t true.

It all makes sense…

However illogical your experience of anxiety may seem. Anxiety occurs because of a specific set of events that are entirely logical. They are predictable, and they are changeable.

As H.P Lovecraft once said “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”.

Not knowing how anxiety works but still falling victim to it can be very distressing.

Learning how your mind works will answer the what, why, how and when of your experience of anxiety. After that everything seems to make just a little more sense. You quickly realise that there is nothing wrong with you, and these types of experiences do not need to last forever.

Once you have become learned about how anxiety works, then I can help you master it.

In just a few weeks you can be feeling calmer, more confident and more hopeful moving forwards. 

You can get back in control of how you think and feel, and make changes when necessary. We work together to help you identify the root causes of your anxiety, and help you to dissolve any old emotional attachments.

Leaving you anxiety free and smiling.

What next?

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you to change your life and have anxiety no more, call me today on 07825160211 or email me at to book your free telephone consultation.

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