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Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a type of anxiety disorder that is characterised by excessive, irrational and sometimes uncontrollable feelings of anxiety around people, activities or events. GAD can have a significant effect on a person’s mental health as it can often interfere with many activities of daily life. People with GAD can struggle to control their worries, with them often spiralling out of control and potentially leading to other conditions such as panic disorder, social phobias and stress.

People with GAD often have a consistent low level of feeling anxious, and can have an intolerance of uncertainty, meaning they will feel uneasy or anxious in any context where they can have no control over the outcome. This can make social situations difficult and so GAD is often accompanied by some form of social anxiety disorder. Common areas of concern and worry relate to money issues, health issues, family problem, relationship and friend problems and even death.

In my London based coaching and hypnotherapy packages I utilise a range of psychological therapies and behavioural therapies to treat GAD. This treatment option can provide a long term and effective relief from symptoms of anxiety and help you move forwards in life.

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GAD symptoms

Symptoms of a GAD are the same as those in other anxiety disorders, yet people with GAD tend to experience these mental and physical symptoms more than in other anxiety conditions.

  • Palpitations or pounding heart: This is a common and very distressing symptom, and is characteristic of someone experiencing a fight or flight response.
  • Feeling dizzy: Often accompanied with feeling somewhat light headed, feeling faint or generally feeling unsteady.
  • Nausea or abdominal discomfort: a churning feeling in the stomach or a feeling of being bloated, tender or like you may vomit.
  • Muscle tension, aches and pains: People experiencing GAD often report feeling irritable and having an overall higher level of muscle tension than normal. This commonly affects the neck and shoulders, as well as the lower back.
  • Difficulty sleeping and insomnia: when you are worrying about numerous things and also feeling anxious about the physical symptoms you are experiencing it can make sleeping peacefully very difficult.

GAD treatment

My Standard Plus and Premium packages combine a range of powerful psychological therapies to help you reduce symptoms of anxiety and help you to change your thinking patterns. The treatment plan for GAD is aimed at helping you to tackle the root cause of the feelings of anxiety, as well as providing you with ways to cope with anxiety during your daily life, as feeling anxious is a very normal experience and occurs from time to time in everyone. Treating GAD through hypnotherapy and coaching improves your ability to change the way you are thinking and feeling so that you have a long term solution to empower yourself to live better.

GAD hypnotherapy audio recordings

Within the Standard Plus  and Premium packages there is a full anxiety reducing hypnotherapy recording, as well as a mindfulness recording to help you manage symptoms at home. 

Coaching and Hypnotherapy treatment packages for panic attack and anxiety

The Standard package involves 3 coaching or hypnotherapy sessions to improve your anxiety levels and help you to achieve a deep state of relaxation. This package is designed for people newly diagnosed with GAD and have been experiencing anxiety for less than 12 months.

The Standard Plus package aims to help you explore and resolve the root cause of your GAD symptoms. The hypnotherapy and mindfulness tracks are optional additions to help you along the way. In the 5 sessions we will work together to also interrupt and change negative thought patterns and improve your internal dialogue (inner voice) and external language to promote wellbeing.

The Premium package builds on this further and helps to improve your communication skills, to build wellbeing practices through mindfulness, meditation and self-hypnosis. We will also work on techniques to boost your memory and information retention, and confidence coaching.


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Things to consider...

"The biggest temptation is to settle for too little" (Thomas Merton)

How do you currently deal with your negative thoughts? How valuable would it be to you to have help with these?

What does your anxiety currently limit you in doing? What does it prevent you doing?

What is likely to happen to your level of mental health if you decide not to invest in yourself now? What would happen in 2, 5 or 10 years?

What would you be doing differently once this issue has been dealt with?

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