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Emotional Memory Images: A better way to help anxiety

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If you are struggling with feelings of anxiety and you haven’t heard of Emotional Memory Images, then this article is for you.

How is it that Emotional Memory Images play a key role in understanding and overcoming anxiety?

How is an Emotional Memory Image created?

When you are involved in an incident, an event, or even a set of circumstances that has a high emotional charge, your mind stores information about that event. For example, say you were involved in an incident as a 7 year old where you were told to go and stand up at the front of the class and present something, and it didn’t go well. As a 7 year old this may have created a strong feeling of anxiety and worry. This causes the chemistry in your body to change because of the high levels of anxiety, and your mind creates a record, or representation of what happened.

In summary, whenever there is a lot of emotion tied to an event, your mind will store information about it for future reference. If we were to pause to think about that for a moment, how often do you think you had moments of strong or intense emotion growing up as a child? Most of us had quite a few!!

An Emotional Memory Image is therefore created any time you were involved in an intensely emotional experience that you perceived as threatening. Many of these would have happened in your early years, but they can also occur after many other types of experiences. For instance, after the death of a loved one, an accident, an illness, a break-up, anything that included strong emotion.

What is an Emotional Memory Image?

An Emotional Memory Image is a mental visualisation of the emotional event. It is a mental representation of what happened.

In our example, your mind could have stored an image of classmates laughing at you while you were talking, an image of a teacher looking down and shouting, or maybe a little movie clip of all that happened.

However your mind has stored that event, you will have a visual representation of that information.

These Emotional Memory Images, or mental visualisations, are like a database for all of the chemicals that your brain created during the initial event. Think of the Emotional Memory Image as the instructions for the chemicals your body made at the time, evidence of the event if you will.

As a result, after the event has ended, all that remains of the actual event is this Emotional Memory Image of it. As the primary job of your subconscious mind is essentially, to keep you alive, it views these emotional events as potentially life threatening and things to be avoided in the future. After all, perceiving a stressful experience is more likely to threaten your life than a lovely warm happy one is it not?

Going forwards, in the months and even years to come, all happening in the background, your mind will continue to scan the environment looking for anything that reminds you of that initial event. If your mind can link where you are, who you are with, what you are doing etc to that initial event, the Emotional Memory Image will stimulate your brain to fire up the stress response again. This may continue to progressively ramp up over time to encourage you to do something about it, which could be to deal with the initial event and take the learning from it for instance.

The above example is just one of the possible ways someone could develop a form of social anxiety.

How have I not heard about this before?!

The work with Emotional Memory Images is at the leading edge of neuroscience, and the research to back it us is building. As a result the work has already been taken up by countries such as Belgium who are at the centre of this fascinating work. In summary, this approach is making waves in all the right places, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream.

The key to all of this is that these Emotional Memory Images and why it has taken so long to reach neuroscience, is that they are OUTSIDE of your conscious awareness….


However, when working with me, someone who is trained in how to spot them, I can help you learn how to gain access to these Emotional Memory Images. This alone opens up a whole new way of thinking about how your mind works, and gives you the knowledge of then knowing you can successfully make changes in your life.

How do we work with Emotional Memory Images?

In a safe, gentle and light way, I will help to teach you how to work with your own Emotional Memory Images. As I guide you through the process of clearing them, all of the chemicals and feelings from that initial event melt away and are cleared from your system.

This means you can go back into the environment that used to be a problem for you, without any of that old chemistry firing up, leaving you to be free to be yourself and have fun.

How do I find out more?

For more information about how working with Emotional Memory Images could help you, email me today on

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