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50% off initial treatment session

Are you a person who is open to a better way of feeling happier?

Due to all the stresses and worries we each face on a day to day basis, it has never been more important to take care of your mental and physical wellbeing.

The number of people experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and chronic illnesses is on the rise. This could range from struggling to speak in public, being uncomfortable in workplace environments, or just a general ‘feeling’ that something isn’t quite right. 

If this paints a picture you recognise, I have a special invitation for you.

In the most simplistic of explanations, I help you to change the way you feel. If there is a behaviour you wish you didn’t do, or if you experience feelings you want to change, I can help.

Through learning how your mind works using the most cutting edge psychological techniques; I can help you to change your language patterns, dissolve emotions from old events, and create new goals and objectives.

What could happen if I don't sort my anxiety out?

  • Adrenal fatigue or ‘burn out’ from spending so much time in the fight and flight response.
  • Reliance on medication to get through the day.
  • Withdrawing from social situations and work opportunities, limiting your potential.
  • Continue to get stuck in negative thinking cycles..

What will happen in my first session?

  • Join a growing group of people who are taking charge of their mental health.
  • Help you to change your internal voice so that you can begin feeling more positive, calmer, and more in control.
  • Give you an experience that changes how you feel. Moving you towards a happier, more relaxed state of mind.
  • Show you how your mind works and how it is possible to resolve anxiety and live better.

What is my investment?

This is an online treatment session to help you feel better, so luckily I’m not going to charge you £1000 a session am I?!

This 50% discounted session is only £50 while spaces last.

What Now...

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Let stress, anxiety and worry melt away with this relaxing hypnotherapy recording. Open the gateway to your subconscious mind and begin updating those old programs to help you move forwards in life and access your many hidden resources.

This recording is designed to help you reach a wonderful calm feeling that will travel forwards with you in time.

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Join more and more people who are taking charge of the way they think and feel and get back to living life on your terms. Treatment packages are designed to help you feel more confident, more in control, and feeling more emotionally flexible.

I want to book my discounted session so I can live and feel better.

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