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You’re getting older. 

You’re getting lonelier. 

Everybody around you is in loving, long-term relationships and doing all the usual things – getting married, getting a house, starting a family.

But you feel on the outside looking in.

You feel like you’re missing out on something special.

Yeah sure you have some really great friends, but they’re all paired off and you feel like the 3rd wheel.

They aren’t available to do all the fun things you used to do together. They have other priorities.

You’ve got money coming in and family around, some things are going well.

But there’s something missing. You see all the couples around looking so happy and you wish you had that too.

You want to have that special someone. 

But it’s more than a want. 

It’s a longing.

Of course like any guy – more action sounds great.

But this goes much deeper. 

You want someone to wake up to, someone to kiss and cuddle, you want someone to curl up in bed and watch movies with, or lay on the couch and binge-watch Netflix.

You want someone to spoil, someone to go on holiday with, to go out with other couples for dinner and drinks. 

You want to feel loved.

You want to share Valentine’s day with someone – not another day that hammers home the fact that you’re still single.

You see so many other women treated badly and think how different it would be with you.

You want a loving relationship.

It’s not as if there’s a shortage of options really. There are loads of possibilities. You could go speed-dating, or go online dating, you could go to mixers and singles events. You could go to bars and clubs.

But these options just don’t seem to work for you.

You aren’t some pumped-up extrovert – that’s not your style.

You don’t express how you really feel and so you miss out. You don’t dare speak up in case you’re rejected.

When you do go on a date you’re nervous in the build up and you massively overthink things.

You don’t come across as confident or as certain as you want to. 

You don’t show the real you.

You make sure you have a drink or two in the hope it helps. Sometimes you drink too much.

If not during the date, then afterwards, when you’re home alone.

Women tell you they had a ‘nice’ time, but it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. 

There’s no spark. 

You know the friend zone too well.

You try hard to impress.

But that actually works against you.

You end up going home alone and using the internet to give yourself temporary satisfaction.

You don’t seem to be able to connect to the fun-loving, awesome guy you are when you’re on a date.

You know he’s there.

But you don’t know how to bring him with you!

After being single for 27 years, and doing everything mentioned above (plus a lot more!) I reached out for help from a coach.

Not a coach to teach sly tactics, dating hacks, or manipulation.

I wanted a loving, long-term relationship.

I learned how I could be myself and feel confident in my own skin.

This completely changed how I showed up on dates. It also completely changed my life.

In a matter of months, I was in a long-term relationship with the woman who is now my wife.

I now have everything I wanted all those years (and it’s even better than it looks!).

Going on this journey led me to a huge discovery.

The key is to have full confidence in being yourself. 

A genuine, strong self-confidence.

When you do this, you attract the women who are perfect for you.

I wanted to know how I could make feeling confident predictable, reliable, and consistent.

No ‘woo woo’ or BS, just powerful strategies to shift me to where I wanted to be.

Because how you show up and the energy you bring makes all the difference.

Going on a date feeling like a million dollars gives off a vibe women connect with.

Like attracts like.

That’s why I put together this 6-part dating confidence series to show you EXACTLY how to do it.

I even give you a walkthrough video to show you how to do each step for maximum results.

My story was picked up by ‘The Best Life Project’ because I’ve created steps that everyone can follow.

The Dating Confidence Booster

confidence dvd

Here’s the breakdown of the series:

  1. Feel like a Million Dollars – A guaranteed way to shift your confidence so you can show up brimming with self-belief.
  2. Own Your Style – Transform your self-image and unlock your hidden skills.
  3. Rejection Resilience – Become bulletproof to rejection and take challenges in your stride.
  4. Snowball Confidence – Let your genuine, authentic self shine through and build unstoppable momentum.
  5. The Leveller – Clear the baggage holding you back and stop comparing yourself to others.
  6. Speak Up and Stand Out – Time for you to get rocking.
Each part in the series comes with a powerful video, a free digital tool to work through, an explainer walk-through video, and the opportunity to ask me questions.

I am so certain this 6-part series will dramatically increase your confidence dating, if you don’t feel more confident in 10 days I’ll coach you for free.

Why Listen to Danny Greeves?

If you’re unfamiliar with Danny’s work, he’s the founder of the training accelerator Speak Up and Stand Out. The accelerator to help men unleash their genuine self-confidence so they can find the loving relationship they want.

Beyond winning the Prestige Awards 2021 Life Coach of the Year Award for London and South East England, Danny has presented at the London ExCel Centre and the Birmingham NEC Arena discussing the workings of the human mind. He is regular expert on BBC Radio exploring issues around anxiety, stress and self-confidence.

Danny is the author of 5-star reviewed book ‘Six Steps to Self-confidence’ and co-author of ‘The Best Advice for Speakers’ alongside world renowned leaders in personal development and entrepreneurial success such as Dr Demartini, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Douglas Vermeeren and many more.