Coronavirus Anxiety Support

Dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations; these are all symptoms you may experience if you are suffering with the coronavirus. But these symptoms are also common symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. During these uncertain times many people are struggling with anxiety. Some people have had anxiety for years and the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated symptoms considerably. More and more I am seeing people who up until now rarely suffered with anxiety at all start to feel stressed, worried and anxious. Some degree of self-isolation likely to continue for several weeks. Now is a wise time to invest in learning some new skills and strategies to better manage your emotions.


In addition to investing your time and resources into your long term mental wellbeing, there are some practice steps you can take.

Limit media exposure

News broadcasts, newspapers and online articles do keep us up to date with the ever changing world we find ourselves in today. But it is worth noting that all of the media outlets thrive on one thing. Keeping your eye-balls on your screen. As a result their stories will be dramatic, sensationalised, and emotion provoking. Why else would you keep reading? Limiting yourself to short bursts of information preferably from government officials and official updates. This will keep you informed without being overwhelmed by the constant doom and gloom. Your innermost thoughts will directly influence your outer reality. If you choose to fill your head with sad and desperate new stories, you can expect to feel that way.

Sunlight and exercise

With only one period of exercise allowed outdoors per day, it is wise to make the most of it. Even if you do not feel like going outside, give your body some much needed sunlight, fresh air and exercise. It is vital to your mental and physical wellbeing. Set your intention for your daily exercise to get your heart rate up, to create a bit of a sweat. Give the body an experience of eustress – the health promoting kind of stress.

Stop smoking and moderate drinking

You have probably never had a better reason to quit smoking that the coronavirus pandemic. Using this time to kick the habit can improve your breathing, blood pressure, exercise tolerance and oral health. Find out more about how you can stop smoking for free here. It is also very easy to slip into bad drinking habits. The extra glass here, the extra glass there, it can soon build up, especially if you are in isolation. Drinkaware has compiled a list of helpful tactics you can implement at home. You can read about them here.

Health anxiety hypnotherapy and meditation

Hypnotherapy for coronavirus health anxiety can be an effective way to reduce feelings of anxiety. Cornonavirus hypnotherapy can help you get back on track mentally and physically. Home hypnotherapy sessions are delivered online via the Zoom or Skype platform. This means you can get comfortable on your favourite sofa and join me on a journey and let those feelings of anxiety to melt away. To book your free discovery call click here.


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