Confidence coaching in Norwich

Coaching to boost your confidence in Norwich.

Most people can recognise the brilliance and intelligence in other people quite easily. However, they fail to recognise it in themselves. Confidence coaching is a way of tapping into your natural abilities and providing you with the skills and tools to develop yourself.

Confidence can be simply described as the way you feel about your skills, abilities and/or capabilities. It is normal that confidence levels naturally peak and trough depending on the task. However, many people lack confidence in themselves, which can cause issues in a wide range of contexts. Therefore, building self-confidence can therefore boost self-esteem, and reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

How Can I Help?

Confidence coaching in Norwich covers a wide range of areas to suit your individual needs. For instance, sessions can include exercises to build self-confidence and tools to move on from previous ‘negative’ events. Using the latest psychological techniques I can help you clear emotions from past events which leads to a natural growth in confidence.

After that, coaching can help to improve communication skills, improve public speaking, and also upgrade self-limiting beliefs. Above all, helping you to clarify your highest values and create a long term future vision can help you become inspired by your life.  

Lacking confidence may also be as a result of a common mental health condition. Generalised anxiety disordersocial anxiety and depression can all play a key role in lacking confidence.

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Anxiety and stress are the most common factors that influence self-confidence. Listen to this recording to help those old worries and anxieties melt away.

Benefits of Confidence Coaching

  • Leave old emotions behind: The primary reason people lose confidence is because of past events that have a negative emotion or association attached. I can help you resolve these and move forwards.
  • Improve communication: I can help you learn how to read and influence other people’s verbal and non-verbal behaviour. This allows you to communicate more powerfully and in such a way it will be well received. 
  • Public Speaking: Improving your ability to speak in public will put you into the top 20% of the world. After that, being able to speak confidently and effectively puts you in top 20% of the top 20%!
  • Improve memory: Memory enhancing techniques can be learned and practically applied to improve information retention. This could enhance work performance, speeches and recall of facts.
  • Become inspired: Powerful exercises to help you re-frame any experience into one that supports your growth and evolution.

Coaching in Norwich to build confidence.

Improving confidence and self-esteem is one of the main issues I see people for. Some want ‘social coaching’ to be more confident with friends and in romantic relationships. Other people want to feel more confident about their body and how they feel.

As confidence affects so many different contexts, the most common reason people book into my Norwich clinic is to improve confidence to excel at work. in conclusion, realising your own unique qualities and owning the traits in yourself that you see in others can transform your career prospects.

Confidence coaching packages range from 3 sessions to a comprehensive 8 session package.

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I have absolute confidence in my ability to help you feel more confident. This is because I have seen so many people struggling with self-confidence. Yet with a specific set of techniques and psychological tools, you can realise your own potential.

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