Team communication and development training in Norwich.

Improve individual and team communication in Norwich. I provide an interactive, educational and fun training to your workplace.

The quality of the communication in a team will go a long way to predicting the level of success that team will have. In other words, communication skills will have a direct impact on job satisfaction, performance, staff retention and team morale.

Similarly, developing the communication skills in your team is the most cost effective way to increase individual output. While also simultaneously improving the happiness of your team members. Everyone wants to feel like they are being listened to and treated with respect by work colleagues and friends. After that, learning how to improve and refine your communication skills develops emotional intelligence. Above all, it builds better working relationships and .

How Can I Help?

I provide ‘in-house’ communications and self-development training at your workplace. Over the duration of the training I will help you increase your awareness the different ways you and your individual team members prefer to communicate. I will then teach you the skills and language patterns to use to develop greater trust and rapport with each person. The end result is a team that has a greater knowledge of it’s parts and how it functions. In addition to this, you’ll have the tools to practice to drive performance.

These skills can then be implemented with your clients, friends and even family members. Therefore the lessons in this training could have a significant affect on many different areas in your life.

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Training outline and core concepts.

  • Language: Experience the power the words you choose have to either motivate and positively influence another person. On the other hand, being unaware of these simple approaches can lead to frustration, separation and decreased productivity.
  • Posture and nonverbal communication: Every word that comes out of your mouth has a chemical charge associated with it. This chemical charge is reflected in your nonverbal communication. For instance, body posture, hand gestures and voice tone. Learn how to use these to your advantage to increase your level of persuasion whilst motivating others to help.
  • Experiential: Most training courses will give you the theory and leave you without a practical guide or method of how to implement it. This training is fully interactive and experiential. Consequently, by the end of the training you will have your own unique set of tools to use in practice. 
  • Team building: The structure of the training is specially designed to enhance team awareness and interaction. Nothing builds team morale more effectively than a unique experience shared by a group in which everyone contributes.
  • Resolve conflicts: If there are certain individuals or team members that have tension or conflict, this training will help. The knowledge and skills you develop on the training will provide insights into how and why those tensions were created. You will also gain the knowledge and practice of how to deal with them more efficiently.
  • Fun: The training is interactive, novel and fun. Humour creates an environment where teams can thrive and this training is set up to take advantage of that. 
  • Individual help: You will have exclusive access to discounted sessions should any of your team be so inspired by the training that they decide to pursue so one-to-one coaching with me.

What my clients are saying...

“Thank you so much for the team training last Friday. It was a wonderfully energising session and helped us to think about some challenging issues about how we work together as a team and with others.  You have provided us with a frame of reference for future conversations which we can keep returning to. For me personally, the concepts resonated beyond work and I have had a couple of interesting conversations with my 15 year old daughter already.”


“Danny ran an excellent communications training session for my team at the Bank where I work. The session was incredibly insightful and informative and will enable me to better evaluate how I interact with not only work colleagues but also friends and family too. Highly recommend Danny, the best trainer I have worked with in my 20+ years in the City.”


“The session was absolutely fantastic! Danny has a wealth of knowledge and presents it in a professional but fun and friendly manner. Danny is a great teacher and I can imagine him being brilliant 1:1 with clients. I would highly recommend Danny for individual coaching and for training/ teaching professionals.”


How improving communication can benefit your company...

Imagine what would happen to your team’s performance if each and every individual had an awareness and skillset to maximise their working relationships. Consider how your staff would feel knowing they are equipped with the language skills to communicate with each individual team member in such a way as to motivate and inspire them.

How would the environment in your workplace change if everyone was able to communicate within a framework that can resolve conflicts or disputes? If team members could communicate in such a way that they can take responsibility for their words and use them to optimise team performance?

What would be possible then?

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Find out more...

In conclusion, I have completed this training in a diverse range of settings.  venues include banks, healthcare centres and teaching institutes. The benefits are clear and beyond question. Communication skills and emotional intelligence are learned skills, and those that use them to their advantage can really propel their team’s productivity. If that is something you are searching for, complete the form below.

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