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Circuit training session 6: Keeping fit

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Here we piece it all together.

I can guarantee that over the past 6 weeks, you will have experienced changes in how you think, in how you feel, in how you relate to yourself and to others.

You will have worked on and overcome emotional and behavioural issues that had been holding you back.

You will know how your mind works, what language you can use to change the way you feel, you’ll have strategies to notice, become aware, and change your state when necessary.

With the in-session learning over the last 6 weeks and mental fitness exercises done at home, by now some of these simple but effective strategies will already be incorporated into your daily routine. Finally we bring everything together and help you to create the soundtrack that will keep you on your own unique path to mental fitness and overall wellbeing.

If you think that learning the ins and outs of how your mind works, gaining more clarity, control and awareness over your thoughts, and overcoming past pains to improve your mental fitness would help you, email me today at to start your fitness training today.

Want to know more about improving your mental fitness? Click here.

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