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Circuit training session 5: Rules Rules Rules

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Did you know that since you were little, very little in fact, you have been following rules that you weren’t even aware existed?

Did you know that these rules were lived out to the letter, with the consequences of not following the rules equating to death? Yet these rules were never spoken….

And did you also know that you have your own set of rules for how you communicate with yourself and for those around you, and you don’t even know you do it yet?

This session is about all those things that go on outside of your awareness, and yet once you learn about them, your communication will never be the same again. You will gain insights into pretty much every relationship you have, learn about the reasons why you may struggle to get on with some people and not with others.

You will have a completely different outlook on how you communicate as a person, and you will gain the awareness.

We will track this all the back to the family home, and help you to explore and upgrade the rules that may be ruling your life without you even knowing it.

This session takes you to a place you can’t possibly reach on your own, and a place that can cause changes at the deepest level.

Now your mental fitness is moving towards it’s peak. Having gained all of the tools, strategies, and changes from the past 5 weeks, I wonder who you will be now…

Learn more about week 6, Keeping Fit.

Learn why improving your mental fitness is important by clicking here.


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