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Circuit training session 4: Polarised emotions

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Have you ever had that dream, or should I say nightmare, where you keep striving towards something, but never quite get there, that ‘thing’, whatever it is you are chasing, remains always just out of reach. Always tantalising and promising so much only for it to slip further away from you the more you try and reach it.

For many, this is what it feels like trying to improve their mental health.

The thing I hear regularly in my clinic, and it seems simple enough, is that people just want to be happy.

Is it too much to ask to just be happy?

Isn’t this the dream, or should I say fantasy, that is promoted to us during all of our childhood years? A ‘happy ever after’ kind of thing?

So you have some feelings you want to change, or some behaviours or actions that are causing you problems, and you want to change the way you feel. You read all of the self-help books, you strive towards positive thinking. You regularly look at empowering memes and motivational phrases, as you keep on at yourself to ‘think positively’.

Then you beat and belittle yourself when a negative thought or feeling comes along, you criticise yourself for not maintaining the positivity, and you worry about slipping into feelings of depression.

This session is all about helping you to see things differently, to break through the illusion of positive thinking, to allow yourself permission to embrace both sides.

This session diffuses the tension, melts away the need to ‘fake it til you make it’.

This sessions helps you to get back to being your real, authentic self. Where you can view things differently and set yourself free from chasing that which is unobtainable. You will leave with a new perspective on life, emotions and how you perceive yourself, and have a set of tools to help dissolve negative perceptions and beliefs.

You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself, and the way you perceive the world will change along with you.

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