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Circuit training session 2: Language and thought management

brain made of words

Your brain is a chemical making factory. These chemicals are the ‘bits and pieces’ that cause you to feel a certain way.

A lot of people don’t realise that in order for your brain to start making these chemicals, it first needs a signal, and these signals are your thoughts!

That means that the language you use when you are talking to yourself and the way you talk to yourself when thinking about things, in each and every moment of the day, you are giving your brain the instructions it needs to make certain chemicals.

Would it surprise you to know that there are certain language patterns, certain questions, and very specific patterns of thinking that people with anxiety, stress, depression and panic all share?

Which also means there are certain specific patterns, questions and ways of thinking that can help you feel more clarity, more confidence, and more certainty.

It’s also true that the way we communicate with other people can also significantly impact the way you feel. The difficulty of this is that when you are on the inside, it can be impossible to figure it out!

This session will give you the language tools and pieces that are essential to improving the way you feel and improving your mental fitness.

You will also gain insights into how you communicate, how you can change your own mental state, and how you can identify times and places where you may be inadvertently being sucked into negative emotional states.

By the end of this session you will have real, practical skills to change the way you feel, to start to overcome anxiety, stress and low mood.

Find out about week 3, the levels of transformation.

Learn why improving your mental fitness is important by clicking here.

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