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Circuit training session 1: The Map

map and road ahead

Whether you are trying to find a new restaurant, navigate a new city while on holiday, or finding your way to place of business for an interview, what is it that we use to help us?

Furthermore, what is the one thing that gives us the biggest sense of control when we are in unknown territories or are feeling lost?

A map!

It might take the form of a paper map, on Google, or in an app on a smartphone, but it is a map nonetheless.

Whether you are feeling stressed, anxious, worried or even depressed, a common thread is an experience of feeling lost in it all.

Going through the map of the mind and exploring your map can help you realise that what you are feeling is okay. That you will come out of the other side from the types of experiences you are having. That despite feeling lost, learning the map of the mind will help you get a hold on where you are, and more importantly help you set sail to where you want to be.

Within the map of the mind you will explore how your thoughts can get you trapped, how the way you are thinking can prevent you getting what you want, and how you can start to make changes in your experience from now on.

As with all fitness training, we start with the basics to help you build a solid foundation for going forwards.

Learning the map of the mind starts to build your mental fitness, and is the first step on your journey to better mental health.

Find out about week two, language and thought management.

Learn why improving your mental fitness is important by clicking here.

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