The Chemistry of Stress

The Chemistry of Stress.

For some people chronic stress is an everyday occurrence. Whether that be due to work, health, relationships or environment, chronic stress is now a common health issue. However, most people do not appreciate how stress works and how your nervous system is beautifully designed to deal with stress – in the short term. The comprehensive E-book helps you to learn how stress works, what changes occur in the body and for what reason. This is to empower you to better understand what is happening inside your body.

More importantly, most people reach a point where they consciously decide to make a lifestyle change. Yet despite their best intentions, the changes are short lived and they end up back where they started before long. This creates the inevitable internal question of “why can’t I change?”

This E-book will help you learn how this is not your fault and that your body’s chemistry is geared up to stay the same, for better or for worse. It also presents you with ideas and strategies to make the changes you want.