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I specialise in helping you overcome anxiety so you experience greater inner peace and assist you in expressing your natural confidence.

I’m looking to work with three people to guide through my tried and tested, multi-award-winning therapeutic programme.

But let’s slow down for a moment because the first and most important step in any therapeutic relationship is feeling safe, comfortable and in tune with one another.

So I’d like to invite you to join me on a 20-minute discovery call where we can find out some more information and discover if we could be a good fit.

The call is totally complimentary and there is no obligation to do anything at all.

In the discovery call you will:

  • Discover the number one mistake people make when trying to break free from anxiety.
  • Gain new awareness and clarity on your personal goals and objectives.
  • Identify the specific challenges that are holding you back and how you can overcome them.

What does Google say?

I would highly recommend working with Danny if you have past trauma and relationship issues to resolve. He has helped me to deal with past trauma, increase my confidence and my relationship in ways I did not imagine were possible in a friendly, warm and non-judgemental way. If you are lucky enough to have found him and are considering whether this might be right for you, go for it! You will be amazed and will never look back. 😊

thumb Louise Burgess

Danny was so supportive and his coaching is so subtle but life changing. So much changed for me during a three month period - I moved house, earned more, learnt new skills. I will definitely consider retaking the course. Thanks Danny!

thumb Nadya Ramdany

The coaching experience Danny has provided me with over 3 months has helped me immensely! He has given me the knowledge and ability to control my anxiety, and the whole process was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend Danny for anyone struggling with anxiety.

thumb Edward Sacree-Hall

Lifechanging coaching Danny completely turned my life upside down - changed my "inner" view on so called negative events - and made traumatic events easier to live with... I now know how we are controlled by our emotions, and how to remove the "negative" stamp from incidents that earlier almost removed my quality of life. I am so grateful, Danny master some serious tools, please give yourself a chance and book a intro-meeting, that can clear out how you can be helped the best. I give Danny Greeves my best recommendations - I will never forget him, and what he helped me to achieve.

thumb Carrsten Johan Thessen

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