Coaching for Binge Eating Disorder in Norwich.

Coaching in Norwich to help with Binge Eating Disorder.

Bingeing is the term used when an individual eats a significant amount of food in a relatively short time period. Binge eating disorder is when you feel like you lose control over the food you are eating. Some people report that they are powerless to stop themselves during a bingeing episode, and may become foggy or even lose their awareness while they are in this frenzy of eating. Consequently, binge eating disorder can feel very distressing.

There are often strong emotional charges relating to binge eating. It often is accompanied by intense feelings of shame, guilt, disgust and fear. In addition to these feelings, binge eating disorder can be associated with anxiety, depression, stress and other eating disorders.

How Can I Help?

Using the latest in psychological techniques I can coach you through a process which can help you to alter the neurological connections you have to binge eating. The coaching sessions help you learn more about how your mind works and what happens for an episode of bingeing to occur. As you gain more knowledge and experience how you can change your mind, you will begin to feel more in control of how you think and feel.

Often times a person may have no conscious awareness of what causes the binge eating disorder, which makes you powerless to stop it. In addition to this, it means that the difficulties you are experiencing are not your fault. My coaching packages help to put you in control of how your mind works to empower you to take charge of your nutrition and life.

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Stress, worry or depression can often be triggers leading to comfort eating or just generally putting on a few extra pounds. Download my free hypnotherapy recording now to help reduce stress, worry or other negative emotions. 

Binge eating disorder signs and symptoms

  • Rapid eating: Once an episode begins someone with binge eating disorder will often very quickly and rapidly consume their food.
  • Lack of control: Once eating begins you may feel like you lose your ability to control how you eat. This may mean the speed, the amount, or the type of food you eat.
  • Eating even when full: People with binge eating disorder will often eat when full because they lose control of how much they eat once the bingeing episode begins
  • Frequently eating alone: Due to the strong emotional connections associated with this condition, many people decide to eat alone to keep their habits hidden.
  • Hoarding or hiding: Hoarding of certain types of food for a ritual type bingeing episode is common. Also, you may hide the empty containers after the episode has reached it’s conclusion.
  • Intense emotions: Feelings of shame, guilt, fear, depression or grief.

Help with Binge eating disorder in centre of Norwich.

Cognitive approaches have had some good success with helping people change their habits or reduce symptoms from binge eating disorder. I employ the latest in psychological techniques that can contribute to you gaining more control and confidence in your relationship with food.

As coaching can help binge eating disorder symptoms through updating limiting beliefs and creating new ways of thinking, get in contact today to find out how I can help.

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Find out how the latest psychological techniques can help with Binge eating disorder.

When you find out the structure and logic behind the approach I use to help with Binge eating disorder, most people book in straight away. Fill in the form below to arrange a time where I can describe how I can help.

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