The Anxiety First Aid Kit.

The Anxiety First Aid Kit is COMPLETELY FREE.

Feelings of anxiety can come in many shapes and sizes, and everyone’s experience of it is different. The one thing almost everyone does agree on is that they would like to overcome those feelings and live a more fulfilling, genuine life, free of that old emotional baggage.

Through my time experiencing anxiety myself, to then overcoming it, and then moving on to spend years doing the same with clients. I have noticed that there are a few key areas that tend to cause people issues time and time again. The anxiety first aid kit has been designed to help solve these issues. Some of the most common issues are:


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Difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep.

When feelings of anxiety are spiking, or if you are having somewhat of a challenging day, getting to sleep can be a…. well, a nightmare.

Some people have difficulties getting to sleep because their mind is still spinning and thinking at 100mph. Where as other people can sometimes get to sleep but then wake up many times a night.


The FEAR of panic attacks.

If in your past you have experienced a panic attack, you will have had first hand experience of just how distressing they can be. Often just the worry about having another panic attack can set off a period of anxiety, or even a panic attack itself.

Not having a strategy or a tool to deal with them makes it something that you fear from happening again. It can loom in the background and affect your day to day decisions.

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Certain people trigger feelings of anxiety.

Whether you have had a difficult relationship in the past, or you have a strained relationship with your parents, or maybe even your boss at work, feelings of anxiety are often triggered by specific people.

You do your best to either stop thinking about them, avoid seeing them, but you still in some way have an emotional connection that you wish you could break.


Confusion and uncertainty.

There is so much information out there, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Some people have been given official diagnoses, others are thinking about taking medication, and some people focus their energies on self-help techniques.

You may have been let down in the past by some forms of talking therapy, or tried to just power through. Still there remains questions about which way to move forwards.

Getting you back in control with the FREE Anxiety First Aid Kit.

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The Drift off to sleep audio...

This specifically designed audio recording is perfect to listen to in the 15 minutes before you are ready to go to sleep. It is a guided recording where the words and relaxing music will help you drift more easily off to sleep.

The recording is designed to help you create a more relaxed and clear mind to allow you a more restful nights sleep.

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Stop panic attacks in their tracks.

This brief audio recording helps you to stop any panic attack in its tracks. Whenever you begin to notice feelings of panic building, listen to this recording, follow the instructions and I will guide you through it until those feelings subside.

This is a simple and effective technique that can also be practised when you are feeling calm so that you can utilise this strategy any time you need it.

Separating from the problem.

This powerful exercise helps you to dissolve negative emotional charges towards specific people. You can use this recording on people from your past or people who are currently in your life. This exercise helps you to gently break negative emotions around specific people, leaving you free to move on in life.

You can use this audio multiple times on multiple people meaning that this recording can help you in many areas of your life as and when you need it,

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Information is power.

This packed E-book is designed to give you all the information you need to make informed choices. It includes an overview of information on medication, self-help strategies and why changing can be difficult. It provides a different way to view anxiety, a description of what actually happens when you feel anxious, and much more.

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