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Will Anger Management work for me?

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The ONLY results based therapeutic programme that guarantees significant change.

Anger management courses in Norwich and available globally via online coaching. I can help you learn how to deal with anger issues and become more confident with your ability to cope with stressors. Anger therapy helps you to deal with overwhelming emotions. We clear the root causes of the anger, and help you to process and clear them. We help you feel calm and in control. 

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Anger management helps to create a healthy relationship with anger. It is a very normal and everyday emotion. However, some people struggle to process or let go of this feeling. It can grow and increase over time. Anger can suddenly turn into range as a threshold is reached. Consequently, your ability to think calmly and rationally goes out the window. It often leads to verbal insults, arguments or confrontations, and maybe even physical violence toward objects or people. Sometimes anger and frustration can be expressed through anxietyirritable bowel syndrome or panic attacks.

Other people seem absolutely fine for 95% of the time. Although all of a sudden there will be a trigger that initiates a very rapid and intense burst of anger. This is commonly known as someone ‘seeing red’. In these cases the person often feels that they lose control, and the onset is so fast they are unable to stop it. As a result of this people struggling with anger management commonly also experience anxiety.

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Anger is toxic in relationships and has huge implications for whether or not a couple stays together.

Deciding to invest in yourself and work on your anger issues demonstrates your willingness to change. Making this effort is often seen as a key step by your partner in improving the relationship.

The 5 stages of Anger and Aggression

These 5 stages of anger and aggression describe the journey from normal behaviour to uncontrolled rage. This will not happen for every person every time but is helpful to understand the different phases.

The Trigger – Something or someone in your environment triggers an aggressive response. Sometimes the trigger is obvious and easy to spot (e.g your partner shouts at you), sometimes it is subtle and seems to start for little or no reason.

The Escalation – You become visibly irritable and hostile. Your body tenses up, muttering under your breath, giving snappy responses or showing clear signs of agitation. Aggression builds – sometimes slowly bubbling up, sometimes more explosive.

The Crisis – Angry and aggressive behaviour intensifies. At this point, your ability to think calmly and communicate effective is severely limited. You may feel like you lose control of your actions. Verbal anger could take the form of confrontation, arguments or threats.  Physical aggression also may occur here, towards objects or people. This can feel very scary for the others involved, particularly if they are your loved ones.

The Recovery – Anger subsides. You may feel very upset, guilty or ashamed of your behaviour. You may leave the situation, feel very remorseful or even get upset and cry. In this stage you may seek for forgiveness from those you got angry towards.

Normal function – You are fully back in control of your emotions and can continue as normal. However those around you may continue to struggle.

Why is it so effective?

Check out my recent publications on anger management in Thrive Global and BRAINZ Magazine.

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In 2021, 83% of clients reported they respond with anger when feeling threatened, uncertain or afraid.

78% of clients report losing their temper twice a week or more.

67% of clients report their stress level as high.

72% of clients report up until starting coaching, they had no effective strategies or tactics to help control their anger.

How angry are you?

This is not your typical anger management programme – I have no intention of helping you cope with anger issues – I help my clients resolve anger issues.

Relationships, marriages and families transform when anger is resolved. 

Please don’t wait until it’s too late, or accept poor, non-effective talking therapy as a plaster for the problem. Let’s resolve the issues, and get you and your loved ones back to enjoying your life again.

Anger management courses vary in length depending on your needs and budget.

I also offer a more in-depth anger management course that uses a series of powerful techniques such as coaching, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming and visualisation exercises.

If you are involved in domestic abuse, bail cases, family services issues, social services cases, or anything else imposed upon you…

When you do the work, you will transform, and you’ll have all the support you need in your corner.

There are also a range of behind the scenes videos for you to build on and continue learning after the sessions. I cover more in-depth information about language patterns, communication styles and brain wave changes. I have a range of wellbeing exercises that you can experiment with to help you deal with anger.

Anger management coaching in Norwich to deal with anger.

My anger management programme is designed to help give you the tools, strategies and tactics to resolve anger issues. The programme will help you learn more about how your mind works, how to control your emotions, and how to improve your communication skills to avoid angry confrontations.

Many of my clients are under high levels of stress, which increases the probability anger will occur. Stress management coaching can help you release old stored emotions and let it melt away while you maintain a relaxed and peaceful state.

Coaching also helps to provide you with more effective ways to communicate. As a result, instead of your feelings of anger increasing or erupting, you can become skilled in dealing with them in a healthy and mature way. 

All Anger management coaching is delivered online.

Physical symptoms of anger issues

  • Clenching of the jaw: Some people can display a clear outward sign of anger when they are clenching their jaw. This is a good indicator that a high level of emotion is present. For some people this may be more subtle, and it may be that they clench and grind their teeth during sleep.
  • Headaches: Intense anger can be accompanied by higher blood pressure. It affects cognitive abilities and tension of the muscles around the head and face. 
  • Increased and rapid heart rate: An anger response is driven by the amygdala. This is a small almond shaped portion of the brain. The amygdala initiates the release of stress hormones and surges of adrenaline. As a result, this can be experienced through a rapid or even irregular heart rate.
  • Stomach ache: Due to the rapid change of internal chemistry during an episode of anger, this can lead to stomach aches and pains

Anger Management Hypnotherapy

Coaching can provide valuable tips, tools and strategies for improving the way you cope with anger.

As a qualified hypnotherapist you also have the added option of receiving some hypnotherapy sessions as part of your programme. These are optional and we will talk through the programme options on our call together. 

Anger management programmes can include hypnotherapy or not, this is your choice and we tailor the programme to suit you.

With practice, you will not be triggered by the things that currently lead to these intense feelings. Leaving you to feel calmer and more in control. Hypnotherapy can also help you to remain calm in future situations that may have caused you trouble in the past, facilitating you to be more confidence and in control. In conclusion, Coaching and hypnotherapy therefore form a potent team in helping with anger issues.

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Will I be declined from your programme?

Unfortunately, I only have a limited number of spaces each day, so I can only allow people who are serious and ready to change to join. As a result, some applicants will be declined.

In order to have the best chance to be accepted, please arrive to our call on time, be in a quiet, private space.

How do I get accepted?

If you are determined to change, determined to improve your life circumstances, and would really love to live a life without anger… That is all I need to help you transform.

You will have the best possible guide on your side.

I guarantee change.

Questions to ask yourself...

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured."

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