Anger management courses in Norwich.

Anger is a very normal and everyday emotion. However, some people struggle to process or let go of this feeling of anger and it can grow over time. In these cases the anger that would usually be expressed to someone or something continues to build in the persons mind. Consequently, it can create an powerful negative emotion that remains inside the nervous system in the form of a pent up energy. Sometimes this pent up energy can be expressed through anxietyirritable bowel syndrome or panic attacks.

Other people seem absolutely fine for 95% of the time. Although all of a sudden there will be a trigger that initiates a very rapid and intense burst of anger. This is commonly known as someone ‘seeing red’. In these cases the person often feels that they lose control, and the onset of anger is so fast they are unable to stop it. As a result of this people struggling with anger management commonly also experience anxiety.

Anger management courses in Norwich and via online coaching can help you learn how to deal with anger issues. You can learn to become more confident with your ability to cope with stressors. Anger therapy helps you to begin to know how to deal with anger issues and emotions. It is a form of behavioural therapy where we can explore where the root cause of the anger originated from, even if you have no awareness or recollection of the early events. We can help to dissolve the emotional connection to that initial sensitising event(s). Thus you can learn how to control anger so that it no longer interferes with your life to the same extent.

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Anger management coaching in Norwich to deal with anger.

My coaching and hypnotherapy sessions helps you to reach a deep state of relaxation. Although everyone is different, with time and practice you can learn to even deeper and reach a wonderful state of deep relaxation. Using breathing techniques, visualisations and powerful metaphors you can learn to deal with anger effective and continue to build a more relaxed and comfortable state. Stress management coaching can help you release old stored anger and let it melt away while you maintain a relaxed and peaceful state.

Coaching also helps to provide you with more effective ways to communicate. As a result, instead of your feelings of anger increasing or erupting, you can become skilled in dealing with anger and controlling anger in an adult and mature way. Anger management coaching help can be delivered via online coaching or can be held at my clinic locations in the city of Norwich.

Physical symptoms of anger issues

  • Clenching of the jaw: Some people can display a clear outward sign of anger when they are clenching their jaw. This is a good indicator that a high level of anger is present. For some people this may be more subtle, and it may be that they clench and grind their teeth during sleep.
  • Headaches: Intense anger can be accompanied by higher blood pressure. Anger affects cognitive abilities and tension of the muscles around the head and face. These combined can lead to headaches that may appear at first glance to come from nowhere.
  • Increased and rapid heart rate: An anger response is driven by the amygdala, a small almond shaped portion of the brain. When the amygdala initiates the release of stress hormones and surges of adrenaline, this can be experienced through a rapid or even irregular heart rate.
  • Stomach ache: Due to the rapid change of internal chemistry during an episode of anger, this can lead to stomach aches and pains

Coaching and hypnotherapy to help deal with anger issues.

Coaching can provide valuable tips, tools and strategies for improving the way you cope with anger. Hypnotherapy helps you to discover a deep sense of relaxation, helping to improve your ability to remain calm. With practice you will not be triggered by the things that currently lead to feeling angry, leaving you to feel calmer and more in control. Hypnotherapy can also help you to remain calm in future situations that may have caused you trouble in the past, facilitating you to be more confidence and in control. Coaching and hypnotherapy therefore form a potent team in helping with anger issues.

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The length and duration of anger management courses vary depending on your needs. Most people require several sessions to help learn strategies and tools to enable them to deal with anger issues. Sometimes courses may take place over 6-10 weeks respectively and provide very effective anger management help.

I also offer a more in-depth anger management course that uses a series of powerful techniques such as coaching, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming and visualisation exercises.

As well as helping you work through any traumatic events or incidents that may have contributed to your current anger response, which are often learned in childhood. For some people episodes of anger are triggered due to limited communication skills. I can help you improve your ability to recognise potentially challenging situations, give you tools and tips to deal with them effectively, and increase your communication efficiency.

There are also a range of behind the scenes videos for you to build on and continue learning after the sessions. I cover more in-depth information about language patterns, communication styles and brain wave changes. I have a range of wellbeing exercises that you can experiment with to help you deal with anger.

Questions to ask yourself...

"Never settle for less than your dreams, somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow, you'll find them."

How often are feelings of anger an issue or problem for you?

Do you have any techniques or methods to decrease stress levels at present?

If you continue how you are at the moment what effect could your anger have on your health in the long term?

Have you experimented and built up a range of wellbeing practices to take responsibility for your own wellbeing?

How would being calmer and a more effective communicator benefit your life?

Who are the people in your life that would benefit from you being less angry and more relaxed?

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