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Why is Anger so toxic?

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Anger management is a different beast from any other emotional problem. It’s scary because you feel like you lose control. It might be for only a moment, but you lose control. 

You see RED.

But you can do unrepairable damage in those moments. You can say and do things you would never otherwise do. Those moments have consequences too.

When anger becomes uncontrolled, you become the worst version of yourself. But more than that, you often direct your anger towards those you love and cherish the most.

After the anger has passed, it brings with it heavy feelings of guilt, shame and regret. You feel awful about yourself and your behaviour. You worry about what could happen next time. You wonder what would happen if it escalated

It’s not just the outbursts of rage though…

You snap at those around you, you feel tense. You erupt at small things, making life for your partner or kids stressful and unpleasant. They have to walk on eggshells around you.

You think to yourself “I should be able to get this sorted by myself.” 

Yet as time goes on you continue with your angry outbursts.

Your most prized relationships become threatened.

But anger isn’t who you are.

With my help, when the anger subsides, you can get back to being yourself again. And your relationship can get back on track.