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Online coaching and hypnotherapy for dealing with anger in Walthamstow.

Anger management courses are an effective way of learning to deal with anger. In spite of anger being a very normal emotion, often people struggle to deal with it appropriately and may develop anger issues. Coaching and hypnotherapy can help you learn how to be able to express yourself while maintaining a calm demeanour. Holding onto anger for a prolonged period can cause this pent up energy to be manifested through other means and behaviours.

A common phrase for people struggling with anger issues is “seeing red”. At the time the person may feel like they lose control as the onset of anger is so fast. Consequently people struggling with anger issues may also complain of anxiety, stress or depression.

Walthamstow anger management courses and online coaching to deal with anger can improve your ability to deal with stress. Anger therapy helps you identify what triggers your feelings of anger, and then we work together to explore those triggers to resolve the emotional component. After this, those old triggers will no longer have the same impact on you and you are free to move forwards in life.

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Anger management hypnotherapy London and online coaching to deal with anger.

One of the contributing causes of anger can be limited communication skills. This may be from the person experiencing anger, or because of the people around them. Life coaching can help to improve your ability to communicate with others, and to notice the body language to help you manage difficult conversations more comfortably. Thus when in the past the communication would have progressed until someone erupts in anger, you will then be able to deal with situation in a more mature and adult way.

Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested way to develop a deep state of relaxation. Some people find it easier to enter into hypnosis than others. While this may be true, with practice and an open mind, everyone can enjoy the inner focus and relaxation hypnotherapy can bring. A combination of visualisations, metaphors and breathing techniques can help you cope with anger triggers more easily and deal with feelings of anger in a productive way.

Physical symptoms of anger issues

  • Clenching of the jaw: Grinding your teeth during the night or a tightly clenced jaw during a difficult conversation are prominent signs of anger.
  • Headaches: Partly due to clenching of the jaw, and also due to an excess of pent up energy inside the nervous system, tension headaches are a common symptoms of anger issues
  • Increased and rapid heart rate: Anger is driven from the amygdala, a small part of the brain that deal with the perception of threat. When the amygdala initiates the stress response heart rate increases.
  • Stomach ache: changes in the physiology of the body can lead to digestive issues and stomach aches

Coaching and Hypnotherapy to help deal with anger issues

Improving the way you cope with anger can help you feel calmer and more comfortable. As well as powerful coaching sessions, hypnotherapy can help you to remain calm in many different situations. Increasing your communication skills will lead to better confidence in your ability to manage with stress and anger. Life coaching helps you create strategies, tools and tips to keep you in control.

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Anger management courses and treatment packages

The Standard package is suited for someone who is feeling angry about a specific person or event. It is also ideal for those who have noticed they have started to feel more agitated recently.

The Standard Plus incorporates techniques such as neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy and visualisation exercises. This program is more in-depth and deals with longer term anger issues.

The Premium package is a more comprehensive form of anger therapy. In addition to resolving any previous traumatic memories and anger triggers, the course aims to assist with personal wellbeing. Following the coaching sessions, meditation and mindfulness practices are available to build your own long term wellness strategies.


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Personal transformation and wellbeing programme

Pause for a moment...

"Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you CHOSE your life, you didn’t SETTLE for it."

Consider how you currently deal with anger, what steps do you have in place to deal with feelings of anger?

Is anger a new issue or have you had this problem for a longer duration?

Have you experimented with meditation or mindfulness?

Could being calmer and a more effective communicator benefit you and those around you?

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Book your FREE complementary telephone assessment now

I offer a totally FREE, no obligation telephone assessment. This is where you can ask any questions you may have about the type of service I provide, and we can talk through the methods that I will use to help you resolve your issues. I can then give you an honest appraisal if I will be able to help.

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