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Are you ready to Speak Up and Stand Out?

Would you like to be seen as a thought leader in your field? Would you like share your knowledge, expertise and enjoy a healthier and happier life?

Anxiety is driven by 3 primary problems:

  1. Negative self-talk. The effects of previous painful experiences, and automatic negative thought patterns.

  2. Low self-belief. Fear of judgement, low self-worth, lack of clarity.

  3. Fear of speaking. A difficulty with conflict, fear of making mistakes, being judged or criticised.

These problems manifest in 6 specific mistakes:

  1. Trying to please other people at the expense of you.
  2. Talking yourself out of exciting opportunities because of fear and self-doubt.
  3. Negatively compare yourself with others.
  4. Perfectionism, overthinking and procrastination.
  5. Avoiding speaking opportunities to express yourself.
  6. Difficulty communicating with authority figures; challenges with conflict.

We work together to clear each of the 6 mistakes and transform them into:




The result is you become a Confident Communicator.

The journey to self-confidence

Public speaking, sales and marketing, self-promotion and confident self-expression often do not come naturally. After working with clients in various settings for 15 years, connecting with thousands of professionals both in practice and on educational courses, we discovered a common journey people go through time and time again. The journey from people helper to confident public speaker therefore has a number of predictable steps.


This stage is all about a love of doing the work. It’s about working with people to help them move, think and feel better. The emphasis is on delivering the service. This does include periods of self-doubt, overthinking and self-criticism when things don’t go as well as anticipated. The challenges more commonly arise from issues outside of service delivery. This may be feeling anxious when speaking to authority figures or certain types of clients. Feeling uncomfortable speaking in groups or team meetings, and the emphasis is on safety and protection by avoiding those uncomfortable types of activities. 


In this stage the professional is confident in their technical skills. They know they have knowledge, experience and wisdom to share with clients, but fear around putting themselves out there to a wider audience is scary. In this stage, they are determined to take on challenges, to stretch themselves, and give mentoring and speaking opportunities a go, but they are very inconsistent. Sometimes it is purely a lack of structure or systems in place that holds them back from speaking up more. They tend to put other specific individuals/gurus up on pedestals and negatively compare themselves. Which can create anxiety and fear and slow down progress.

Progressive Loading

Happy and actively participates in group environments, occasionally taking a leading role or contributing strongly. They are connected to their values and their purpose, and a sense of certainty in their knowledge. They overcome the initial fears, and although still feeling nervous, they have the courage to practice speaking and create a routine through which to be more consistent. They are in the learning and discovery process so mistakes come and go, but an appreciation for speaking starts to develop and they begin to feel more and more confident in speaking. They have systems and structures in place to keep speaking and video content simple, and are often surprised and delighted at the positive feedback they get when they do share their ideas. They begin to appreciate how powerful sharing their thoughts can be.

High Performance

They consistently produce original content. They feel confident on camera and use video content and speaking to increase their personal brand and drive sales/progress. They speak on podcasts, video interviews, and live events. They have a growing media profile through writing contributions, radio appearances and collaborations with other experts. They are comfortable marketing themselves, have certainty in their message and their value, and are inspired to share it with their audience. They deal with sales calls effectively, can handle criticism, and actively seek new opportunities to challenge themselves.

Elite Performance

These are key people of influence. They appear on television programmes, news appearances, and national print publications. They are keynote speakers, speak on large stages. They have high media scrutiny and are considered influencers in their field. They inspire their audience, regularly create original and impactful content, they openly share their thought leadership, and write books and articles in high profile publications. They are poised in the face of praise and criticism, and deal well in high pressure situations.

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The Growth Process©

4 areas best practices

We develop inspired and skilled health and fitness professionals into confident speakers so they can share their thought leadership, grow their visibility and love speaking about their passion. For some this may be showing up consistently on social media and growing their media profile, for others this means expanding their role to include speaking engagements and panel interviews. As the journey from people helper to confident speaker has predictable stages, the Speak Up Stand Out Accelerator (SUSOA) provides leading edge training to overcome these challenges and propel you to feeling confident and inspired to share your message. The accelerator incorporates 4 key components to create a complete and remarkable solution.

  • Best Practices

The SUSOA combines best practices in public speaking and personal development to help you confidently express yourself and stand out from the crowd. High quality training from thought leaders around the world to accelerate your journey to self-confidence. Training includes teachings extracted from 2020 World Human Behaviour award winner Dr Demartini, world leader in influence and persuasion Professor Cialdini, and public speaking expert Marshall Ganz from Harvard University.

  • Peer Group

A supportive and encouraging community providing you with a safe space to practice your speaking skills and who understand the trials and tribulations health and fitness professionals encounter. A focused peer group of like-minded people accelerates learning while all working towards a shared vision. Monthly speaking nights give you the stage to practice speaking and learn from other members of the cohort.

  • Accountability

Weekly group coaching calls with simple, fun challenges to gradually increase your skills and confidence while keeping you accountable to reaching your goals. Expert coaching support to guide and assist you through challenges and a supportive environment to inspire you to take consistent action.

  • Resources

A dedicated online platform, with comprehensive training and access to tools, templates and materials. Access to a private training group to practice public speaking and share insights and wins with the group. 


How does it work?

The Growth Process© is a six-step strategy to guide you on the journey of speaking up and standing up, helping you to become a confident speaker who enjoys sharing your wisdom on a greater scale. Each module serves to help you overcome the key barriers to speaking with confidence and accelerate your performance.


Developing certainty in where you’ve come from, what your values are, and discovering your purpose is the most effective way to begin to break down fears around speaking and self-confidence. In-depth training and exercises give you clarity on your mission and give you absolute certainty in the value you bring to the world. In the grounding module you’ll dissolve unconscious limiting beliefs that hold you back, and develop a deep understanding of why your journey has brought you here. All of this serves to tap into new energy reserves and gets you inspired to move forward.


Throughout your young and adult life painful experiences and negative events create fear, anxiety, and stress around expressing yourself and speaking up. In this module you’ll learn how your mind works, how you can release stored emotions from the past to grow your confidence, and work through specific tools to transform negative emotions. You will learn, experience and practice universal principles that will change the way you view challenges and set-backs for the rest of your life.


This powerful module gives you step-by-step instructions to grow your self-image and increase your performance in a very short space of time. This module is highly practical and will transform the way you see yourself and your ability to speak up and stand out. The exercises in this module can be used time and time again to give you a systematic approach to raising your game to the next level. The optimise module will accelerate your speaking skills more than you can imagine.


Any health and fitness professional on a journey of personal evolution and growth will encounter fear and challenges on a regular basis. The tools and training in this module provides a framework through which you can understand and transcend any fear you encounter on your journey. A highly practical module will leave you free of performance anxiety, free of fear about making mistakes, being judged and failure. Liberating yourself from these fears opens up a vast array of possibilities moving forwards and creates the mindset to choose what level of game you want to play at.


The journey so far has helped you gain certainty in your value and your message, you’ve cleared emotional baggage holding you back from speaking, drastically improved your speaking confidence and self-image, as well as developing the wisdom of how to deal with fear and challenges. Now we focus on the systems and structures influential public speakers use to craft their message. Through easy to follow instructions, you will craft a powerful speaking formula that takes all the guesswork out and leaves you with presentation skills to influence, inspire and attract clients.


Starting with the work of legendary psychologist Professor Cialdini, we delve into the world of persuasion and influence to improve the effectiveness of your communication. In these bite size chunks, we breakdown the key elements of how and why people are influenced to take action and how you can utilise these principles to effect positive change.

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