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Everything starts with the relationship you have with yourself...

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Developing the strategies to be able to clear your mind, remain calm and focused, and freely express yourself with confidence will empower all areas of your life.

There are 4 main types of relationships we experience in the world. The first and most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

If there are things about yourself you are ashamed of, embarrassed about, feel guilty over, or hate about yourself, these will continue to run your life until they are dealt with. They will also show up and affect the quality of the relationships you have with those you are closest to. It may show up in terms of how irritable you are, your stress levels, the way you communicate, or your ability to be vulnerable or intimate.

Challenges in the workplace are where these limiting beliefs and self-doubt manifest themselves most commonly. You may have an intimidating boss, or feel inferior to colleagues, leading to constant comparisons and self-depreciation.

Feelings of anxiety, and a lack of self-confidence negatively impact your ability to express yourself powerfully and articulately. This hinders performance in meetings, when speaking in groups, pushing yourself towards your next career goal, and performing well in interviews and tasks. What is your next career goal? Are you moving towards it confidently?

The other main types of relationships are:

  • Romantic (boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/partner)
  • Family (challenging past or present family dynamics and relationships)

If you are experiencing some form of challenge relating to yourself or those you are connected to, then I can help. Click on the relationship challenge you are having below to find out more…

Your relationship with yourself

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Do you struggle with low confidence and low self-esteem? Would like to feel better about being you and how you see yourself?

Challenges with your partner.

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Does your relationship feel stuck in a rut? Are you arguing a lot? Feeling disconnected? Struggling to communicate with each other?

Difficulties with the family

extended family

Difficult family relationships can lead to anxiety, stress, guilt and create an environment that leads you to dread being there.

Professional challenges


Impostor syndrome? Struggling with public speaking? Worrying what people are thinking about you?

Difficulty finding a relationship


Have the desire to be in a relationship but feel like you just aren’t getting anywhere? Tried everything you can think of?

Confidence coaching and Executive coaching anywhere in the world.

The quality of the relationships you have in life will play a huge role in how much love, joy and fulfilment you experience. Most people have a long list of memories of times and places where they let fear get the better of them; where they talked themselves out of taking the steps needed to change their life. Where they decided to ‘put up with’ rather than have the courage to be brave and authentic.

I’d like you to join me in beginning to take your power back. Let me help you change those beliefs and help you realise you are good enough, you do deserve it, and you can do it.

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What problems can I help you solve?

Overcoming anxiety without medication to help you begin to feel calmer, more confident and more in control of how you feel.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety and panic attacks and my life coaching packages provide natural remedies for anxiety that can help you to overcome worry and fear. Hypnosis can contribute to curing symptoms of anxiety and most people will see a significant improvement in symptoms in just three sessions.

Whether you are building confidence for work or to improve self-confidence in your relationships, I can help. My life coaching and hypnotherapy programs in Norwich include unique confidence building strategies and specific exercises for you. Over the course of just a few sessions, my confidence coaching tips and tools can help you change the way you see yourself and how you feel about yourself.

I can guide you through weight loss coaching techniques that help you to change your relationship with food. There are many weight loss programs that include weight loss pills and diet plans, but these are commonly just short term changes that don’t last. My online and in person weight loss program helps you to start losing weight without trying all those drugs and strict regimes, by changing your unconscious connections to food you can get back in control of what you eat.

The symptoms of stress can vary widely and may show up in many different ways such as insomnia, irritability, anger, ‘brain fog’ and even burnout. My stress relief techniques can help you get back to feeling calm and relaxed.

Hypnosis for relaxation and stress relief is a powerful way to help you cope with whatever life throws at you. I can help you manage stress at work, provide you with stress relieving tips, techniques and stress management strategies, so you can continue to perform at your optimum and not let stress get in the way

Uncontrolled anger can ruin lives. Both yours and for the ones you love. Many people with anger issues think that is just a part of their personality that is fixed and solid. Others think that just talking about it and practising strategies alone won’t make any difference, and often they are correct. This anger management programme is different to anything else you will have experienced, and give an effective method of resolving anger issues for good.

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Start making changes today and begin mastering your mind with these Freebies:

Let stress, anxiety and worry melt away with this relaxing hypnotherapy recording. Open the gateway to your subconscious mind and begin updating those old programs to help you move forwards in life and access your many hidden resources.

This recording is designed to help you reach a wonderful calm feeling that will travel forwards with you in time.

Do you know what you want but struggle to put your thoughts into action? Maybe you have an end goal in mind but feel a bit overwhelmed by it all? Do you have a plan already and want to safe guard it against future problems before you start?

Set yourself up for success with this Plan your passion workbook and create the chemistry you need to get moving.

Do you have a sense that something isn’t quite right but you don’t know what? Do you feel stuck in life and don’t know what to do about it? Is there an emptiness or void that you just can’t seem to fill? This workbook will help you to assess the key areas in your life and lead you to new insights and learnings. Each section comes with some questions to encourage you to create specific and achievable action steps to help you to start making a change today.

Online coaching and hypnotherapy

If you have been thinking “I need a life coach” then join the thousands of people that are now using the advantages of technology to get the help they need. I provide life coaching in the UK online and life coaching in Norwich.

You can access executive coaching to improve your performance and to learn how to reduce stress at work. Whether that be to overcome the fear of public speaking or dealing with anxiety at work, my online coaching and hypnotherapy programs can help you develop the tools you need to achieve your goals. Online leadership coaching is available in Norwich, in addition to across the UK and Europe through my bespoke online programs

What is Coaching?

My coaching sessions are designed to help you bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be.

It is not counselling. It is not psychotherapy. There is no need to share the details of all your past painful experiences or ‘trauma’, and there is no need to spend years and years in sessions either.

It is a gentle, light, and incredibly effective way to help you break free from patterns of the past, and move forwards in life.

Using  cutting edge psychological techniques I can help you clean and polish your mind so you can get back in control of your vehicle and firmly in the driving seat. I want you to enjoy the ride that we call life, and you don’t need drugs, years of work or thousands of pounds to do it.

Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy is regularly featured on many of these social media outlets:


In my sessions with Danny we have tackled negative thought patterns that were effecting all areas of my life. Furthermore, I set new life goals and I am delighted to say that I am taking positive steps in reaching my ultimate goal. To no longer feel plagued by negative believes, or be able to torture myself regarding past events is truly wonderful. My life has changed for the better.  If my story resonates with you, then I urge you book a session with Danny and see for yourself what improvements you will experience."


"Bit by bit Danny worked to find and clear long standing issues, some dating back to 35 years ago! He also made me believe that I wasn't 'broken'. As well as continually blowing my mind with how the nervous system, mind and body work and interact with each other.”


"Danny has helped me in so many ways it's truly amazing I'd even go as far as to say life-changing! He is such a lovely guy and puts you totally at ease. Being able to do sessions over Skype makes a world of difference and means that he can help you wherever in the world you may be! Thank you for everything .”


"I had nothing to lose and Danny came recommended by a friend, so I decided to see him. One of my best decisions. Danny Greeves for me is not just a therapist, but THE THERAPIST I would highly recommend him. Danny helped me turn my life around completely. He has given me so much joy & happiness. ”

Some more FREE content to get you thinking...

Complete this quiz to find out if my Coaching Programmes match what it is you are looking for. These simple questions will give you an insight into how I work and what type of Coaching I provide so you get all the information you need to decide.

Find out in less than 2 minutes if you are in the right place.

This 30 page e-book has one primary aim; to change how you see what anxiety is and how it works. Throughout this e-book I go into anxiety signs and symptoms, medications, and self-help approaches. I explain HOW anxiety works, WHY you should drop any labels you have, and WHAT can be done to view your symptoms in a gentler, more helpful way.

Stress is a word everyone knows, but few appreciate the real and profound effects chronic stress has on your body. This detailed and comprehensive document on the chemistry of stress will help you to learn what’s going on below the surface during chronic stress. Learning the mechanics of stress gives you strategies and methods to improve your overall health.

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